AEV Approach

Team N’s approach to the AEV project is to maximize efficiency and results while conserving costs.  We will begin by testing the most basic AEV design until it completes the mission. More parts will then be added on to improve efficiency.

Team Priorities:

  • Safety. Anyone involved with or in the general vicinity of the AEV workstation shall follow proper safety procedures for the protection of both themselves and the people around them. This priority is paramount since an unsuccessful project is far less important than potentially serious personal injury
  • Efficiency. Aside from safety, it’s extremely important to ensure the AEV is as cost efficient as possible since this is essentially the entirety of the task we are employed to accomplish. This shall be ensured by minimizing the cost from materials used and by minimizing the energy consumption of the AEV. Additionally, efficient use of our time is a necessity if we are to complete the job within the given time constraint.