Location: Hitchcock Hall 308

Time: 3:00 PM–3:55 PM, March 23, 2018

Attendees: Rachel Bobango, Matt Deminski, Jarred Fink, Molly Goergen

Topics Discussed: Performance Test 2

Objective: Today’s main focus was to develop a new method of coding for PT2 using relative marks


  • Update the code to relative postion (Jarred)
  • Test the new code on the track (Molly, Matt, Rachel)
  • Analyze the new method of coding versus the old  (All)


  • The team decided that relative position creates much more consistency for the AEV
  • Absolute position will be used for the necessary second code


  • The team noticed that there is a slight difference in the track in room 308 versus 224, but the team made two codes, one for each room
  • Relative position is working much better as a coding method and the team greatly likes the consistency it brings