Performance Test 3/Final


The Final Performance Test consisted of a full run of the track. The AEV traveled to the STOP gate where it paused for seven seconds, and then travelled through. In order to correctly pick up the caboose, the AEV had to come to connect to the caboose in the accepted area and pause for five seconds before travelling back to the STOP gate and pausing for seven seconds once more. The AEV completed its run by coming to a stop within acceptable parameters of the starting section. The costs of running the AEV were below class averages across the board. Class average energy and time measurements were higher than Group N’s with the class measurements being 241.1 joules and 52.1 seconds compared to Group N’s 234 joules and 47 seconds. Capital costs were down as well with the class average $159,000 almost $2,000 above Group N. Overall the average total cost was $580,000, $20,000 more than Group N’s. This breakdown of data displays that Group N’s AEV performed in a higher percentile than most of the class.