Group C Meeting Notes

1st Meeting

Date: Friday, January 12, 2018

Location: Hitchcock 224

Attendees: Jarred, Matt, Molly, Rachel

Topics Discussed:

  • Each team member participated in brainstorming basic design ideas for our AEV. These topics included what the AEV will look like and how we want it to run (efficiency, power, speed, aerodynamics, abilities, etc.)
    • This decision was made as a starting point for the design of our AEV
  • We also discussed that we will share the responsibility of taking the AEV kit home
    • This decision was made so each team member has an equal part and responsibility for the AEV

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Continue to design the AEV (all team members will participate)
  • Make sure everyone agrees to their roles as shown on the website and is willing to fulfill that particular role and discuss (more specifically) who will do what task in the building and designing of the AEV