Location: Hitchcock Hall 224

Time: 3:55 PM–5:15 PM, March 28, 2018

Attendees: Rachel Bobango, Matt Deminski, Jarred Fink, Molly Goergen

Topics Discussed: Final Performance Test, Committee Meeting Two

Objective: Today’s main focus was to work on the code for the final performance test and talk about who will take on each role for the second committee meeting.


  • Code the AEV (Jarred)
  • Test the AEV on the tracks (Molly, Matt, Rachel)
  • Discuss what needs to be done for the remaining classes (All)
  • Choose roles for the committee meeting (All)


  • The team decided that absolute positioning will be used as the coding method for the Final Performance Test
  • HR: Molly
  • R&D: Matt and Rachel
  • PR: Jarred


  • The team is happy with the progress that is being made and likes the consistency between runs that the AEV is achieving.