Location: Hitchcock Hall 224

Time: 3:55 PM–5:15 PM, March 7, 2018

Attendees: Rachel Bobango, Matt Deminski, Jarred Fink, Molly Goergen

Topics Discussed: Performance Test 1

Objective: Today’s main focus was to begin to develop the code for Performance Test 1.


  • Write the code (Jarred)
  • Assemble the AEV (Matt)
  • Analyze the tests and what changes need to be made to the code (Molly, Rachel)
  • Run practice tests   (All)


  • The team agreed to increase reverse power at the gate
  • The second design used would be changing the propellers
  • Power does not need to be increased anymore going up the incline to the gate


  • The team is having difficulties with consistency for the AEV. This could possibly be due to the battery losing power over time.