Group A


SAFETY- The team has recognized safety as the number one priority for a wide range of reasons.  A safe AEV can be used, reproduced, easily maintained, and usable by others with the assurance that harm will not be caused.  An unsafe AEV would not be adopted by Smart City Columbus and surely would not give group A business.  Furthermore, group A would like to avoid crashes and falls that could cost the group hundreds of dollars.  Keeping the public safe and the groups welfare are the reasons that safety has been chosen as the teams top priority.


STABILITY-  Stability has been recognized as the number two priority.   A lack of rocking creates a safer AEV.  the team has decided to place the battery pack under the base of the AEV to stabilize the AEV as much as possible.  Furthermore, all other parts of the AEV are centered as much as possible.


Team A’s final AEV design features one motor in the front and one motor in the rear of the vehicle.  Utilizing push propeller configuration, the AEV can run the front motor to push and the AEV will stop very fast and precisely.  Likewise, the back motor pushing allows the AEV to travel fast with small amounts of energy used.


Group A Motto

“Speed…. Speed is nothing more than a failure to be thorough.  Safety…. Safety will get you places.  Go Bucks”

All Members of Group A