Sales Pitch

Team C’s AEV has an original, sleek and modern design that maximizes efficiency and safety. Not only does the AEV use minimal power, it also runs very smoothly along the track. By placing the arduino and battery on opposite sides of the base, the AEV remains very balanced and stable. This balance prevents the AEV from swaying while on the track. Team C’s AEV is made with minimal materials, and is relatively cheap to build which means that is would be easy for manufacturers to produce. This easily produced vehicle would allow for an increase in transportation from Linden to Polaris, thus increasing opportunity for employment to those living in these areas. Lastly, the AEV has an original design that allows for a maximum efficiency. As a bonus feature, the AEV comes with a magnet at one end that leaves the option for a caboose attachment which increases storage space. This is truly a new design, and is a perfect vehicle for an upcoming smart city.