Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown Scholarship

Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown Scholarship. They will award up to two, $1,000 scholarships for the 2021-2022 school year. Any student pursuing a degree in horticulture, landscape design or floriculture is eligible. Applicants must reside in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, Stark or Portage Counties or in PA counties of Mercer and Lawrence. Deadline to apply is April 7, 2021.

DETAILS: or Bob Schulick or 330-792-5544


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FREE Take it home project through JoAnn Fabrics

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Service Learning Seminar – March 25th from 6-7 pm

Calling all 4-H families! Join Izzi from Teen Leadership Council in a seminar on Service Learning! Please bring paper, markers and pens!
The zoom link for this event is below:
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Meeting ID: 985 6247 5897
Password: 2021

Top Ten Backyard Poultry Diseases

There has been a resurgence of people who wish to raise their own food for personal and family food security, both with produce and with poultry.  A resource has been put together to assist you in getting the knowledge you need for safe, healthy and productive backyard poultry keeping.

FIRST THING:  Find out the regulations in your city or municipality that governs the keeping of backyard poultry and follow those rules carefully. 

Here is the recorded Top Ten Backyard Poultry Diseases class.[0]=AT1a-eCkWvTRmz8neMHxZebAheYVeSq1J-RDvK6g07WbGqP6bKC6VuB9L6ja79VDOkoqOmrpsDFV8Fk3K6EP_GmFpQkrSGJpyKjPsFWpCEIg5ig4qsq2ptfclVOCA9d9Uy8VoOoUMnMO9xCe_-aBHuEXgE-puO83t2Kxn3_zsDaFDdkU83lkYenM29tznO98sTPshEDhxFg5c8sFlHXhakGQ1N7thceXlQ