Cooking class available

A beginning cooking class will be offered on Saturdays from 10-noon starting January 6, 2019 for 8 weeks. Registration is required by December 1st. It is open to anyone from 9-18 years old. A maximum of 10 participants will be accepted. Registration fee is $5 and due at registration. This class can count toward a beginning 4-H project, if desired.

Call Fran Pruchenski for questions or if interested at 330-221-0628 or the Extension Office 330- 296-6432 before December 1st.

This is a “hands-on” class and members will be sampling their food products.

Fall @Camp Whitewood

Here is what Camp Whitewood has planned for the fall: 

Family Camp

Come relive all of your summer camp experiences:

  • October 12-14, 2018
  • Sign up now or click on “Family Camp” for more info.


Fall Photography Weekend

Enhance your photography skills and take some really cool photos:

  • Amateurs Encouraged!
  • October 19-21, 2018
  • Sign up now or click on “Fall Photography Weekend” for more info.



Join us for some fall fun with trick-or-treating, pumpkin bowling, a lantern hike, gourd painting, a costume contest, and more:

  • October 26, 2018, 5:00-9:00 pm
  • Free for all ages
  • Click on “Spooktacular” for a printable flyer.


Winter Reunion

We’re inviting all of our summer campers back for a wintery weekend:

  • See your friends and play in the snow!
  • Go see the frozen waterfalls
  • December 7-9, 2018
  • Sign up here or click on “Winter Reunion” for more info.

Life Skills Grade Days Results

Measuring Up, Junior Augie Schweickert
Loungewear Alexis Basinger
Junior Individual (age 8-10) Thank you card no graphics Ana Parsons
Canning and Freezing Ava Harrison
Creative Costumes Ava Lonneman Jillian Denning
Club Leadership Bella Procaccio
Self Determined Project, Junior Ben Lang Jacob Shrack
Insect Adventures, Level 1 Ben Lang
Shooting Sports-Pistol, Junior Caleb Stevens Ben Smith 3rd – Parker Gibbons
Rockets Away (bottle rockets) Cameron Edwards
Shooting Sports-Pistol, Senior Chad Sasala
Shooting Sports-Hunting, Senior Chad Sasala
Cake Decorating, Beginner, Junior Chloe Guth Emma Chaffee
Snack Attack! Corey Galloway – Jr. Marcella Hydell
The Global Gourmet Dillon Kuntzman
Let’s Start Cooking Elarie Logan – Jr. Xavier Miller
Pet Rabbits (ages 8-10) Elizabeth Zoller
Shopping Savy, Senior Emma Kiko
From Airedales to Zebras (Vet Science 1) Gabriela Gonzalas Alli Miller 3rd – Brianne Parker
Active Sportswear Grace Gretz
Makeover My Space – Senior Grace Kolezar
Sew Fun, Senior Gracie Schill Hannah Schill
em*bel*lish Gyllien Anderson Curtis Rohal
Sew For Others Gyllien Anderson Olivia Zinz Violet Reese
How Does Your Garden Grow? Helyn Willis
Pathways to Culinary Success Isabel Harrison
Sew Fun, Junior Isla Zinz Gemma Alexander Anna Parsons
You Can Quilt , Senior Jane Rader
Designed By Me Jenna Canale
Junior Individual (age 8-10) Thank you card no graphics Jenna Canale
Junior Individual (age 8-10) Thank you card no graphics Jennifer Mix
Junior Individual (age 8-10) Thank you card no graphics Jessica Mix
Grow Your Own Vegetables Kaitlin Belknap Tessa Galloway
Clothing for Middle School Katherine Huntley
Intermediate Individual (age 11-13) Katherine Huntley
Finding Your Voice:  Public Speaking Katherine Huntley
Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing Kelsey Werbeck
You’re The Athlete – Junior Lauren Huntley
Cake Decorating, Beginner, Senior Lexi Miller Rebekah Wood
Outerwear for Anywhere Maggie Rohal
Dress Up Daywear Maria Lonneman
Cat 1 (ages 14-18) Maria Lonneman
Shooting Sports-Archery, Senior Maria Lonneman
Look Great For Less, Senior Olivia Orf Maddie Zinz
Clothing for Your Career Olivia Orf
Senior Individual (age 14 and up) Olivia Orf
Your Thoughts Matter — Senior Sami Owens
Dress Up Outfit — Formalwear Sarah Kuntzman
Yeast Breads on the Rise Sarah Kuntzman
Tops for Tweens Sophia Wood Alli Miller
Not Just Knots – Junior Sophia Wood
Measuring Up, Junior-Unit 1 Sophia Wood
Let’s Bake Quick Breads Sophia Wood – Jr.
Get Started In Art, Junior Stella Wallace
Intermediate Individual (age 11-13) Tessa Wood
Solid Fuel Rocketry Master (4-H 503M) Tessa Wood
Sundresses and Jumpers Valeri Derteen Ellie Wanchick Audrey Landis
Science Fun With Kitchen Chemistry Valeri Derteen Elise Edwards
Junior Individual (age 8-10) Thank you card no graphics Valeri Derteen
Quilting The Best Better William Baer
Robotics Master William Baer
Non State Fair Categories:
Horseless horse 1st Sophia Gonzoles
2nd Nicholas Sherer
The Writer in You 1st Tori Palmer
Becoming Money Wise 1st Tessa wood

Small Animal Committee Meeting Minutes