4-H Youth Livestock Webinar Recordings

Check out these webinar recordings regarding helpful information for Beef, Sheep/Goats, and Poultry!

Beef: https://ohio4h.org/animalsciences/beef-cattle

Sm. Ruminant (Sheep/Goat): https://ohio4h.org/animalsciences/small-ruminant-sheepgoat

Poultry: https://ohio4h.org/poultry


PC Junior Fair King/Queen Application 2023

Portage County Randolph Junior Fair King & Queen Contest – SEE JR FAIR PAGE FOR APPLICATION

Entries must be received by July 13, 2023

Randolph Fair King & Queen Contest

c/o Jr. Fair Board Advisors

P.O. Box 213   Randolph, Ohio 44265

Email: dheppe@randolphfair.com


  1. For boys and girls 16-21 years of age as of the 1st day of the present year’s fair. Contestants may not be married, nor have been married, nor borne or fathered a child.
  2. Contestants must be an active member of one of the organizations active in the Randolph Fair.
  1. Contestants must have actively participated in the 2022 Randolph Jr. Fair.
  2. The King and Queen and court are required to make daily and nightly appearances on the midway, at judging events, grandstand area and exhibit areas in proper attire-sashes and proper dress. If for any reason a contestant cannot accept this responsibility, he/she should not compete.
  3. Complete judging of the King and Queen contest will be held on July 24, 2023 at the fairgrounds, Fair Office.  Contestants must arrive by 6:45p.m. or they will be ineligible to participate.  The contest starts at 7:00pm.
  1. The King and Queen will be announced during opening ceremonies on Tuesday, August 22.  Ceremony starts at 11:00am at the Main Gate and then moves into the Entertainment Center.
  1. Participants should wear simple dress-up or interview style clothes, not formal wear for the contest.
  2. The King and Queen shall maintain the dress and poise of their position during the entire fair and during any activities they are representing the title.
  3. The Junior Fair Board Advisors and/or the Senior Fair Board have the right to revoke the crown, title, and accompanying honors of the Fair King, Queen, or a court member at anytime during the year for any action deemed improper for a Portage County Fair King or Queen or member of the court.
  4. List only activities from Jr. High (7th) on up.


Entry forms are available at the Fair Office during office hours (330)325-7476, on-line @ randolphfair.com, under the Jr. Fair Board tab or at the Portage County Extension Office (Please remember to call before going to the Extension Office (330)296-6432, since they have limited hours)


The 2023 Jr. Fair King and Queen will be awarded $500 scholarships each from the Portage County Randolph Fair Board of Directors.

 Contestants and their applications may be scored on all or part of the following areas: Activities, Personality, Poise & Personal Appearance, Fair Participation, and General Fair Knowledge.



Life Skills Judging Information

PLEASE REVIEW: Tips for Portage County 4-H Judging


We follow the same guidelines as the Ohio State Fair: nonlivestockguidebook

    • On the Non-Livestock Guidebook website, scroll down until you see the different day titles.
    • Click on the Day that fits your project area. (Each project is listed on the document if you are unsure which day you fall on)
    • If you are taking a Self-Determined Project, here is a guide to know which day you should be looking for: SD Tip Sheet
      • If your self -determined project is not on this list, you may best fit with Self Determined Project Day.
    • Within these participation guidelines it will list general tips to know, what to bring with you, and for some, an example of the judging sheet.


4-H Changes for the 2023 Ohio State Fair

PLEASE REVIEW the 2023 Summary of Changes found here as they MIGHT apply to you: https://ohio4h.org/nonlivestockguidebook


Portage County Judging Sheet Example: (Sewing Projects- look at example on website link above)


Additional Resources:



State Fair Clothing Award Application

Food & Nutrition: Food & Nutrition Portfolio Interest Areas

Wood Working: Woodworking Guidelines


Heart of the Great Outdoors: 4-H Project Day


Calling All Ohio 4-H’ers!

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) invites Ohio 4-H members to explore the state’s rich natural wonders through hands-on activities that fulfill the requirements of select project books.

4-H members will disperse throughout Alum Creek State Park to participate in workshops led by expert ODNR staff and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers volunteers.



Hosted by ODNR


Saturday, June 17, 2023

10 am to 4 pm


4-H Project Day! Click Here for Flyer!


Geology: Can You Dig It?

Why Trees Matter

Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing

Ohio Birds

Insect Adventures

Explore the Outdoors

Photography Basics

Get Started in Art

RSVP Today!

RSVP by scanning the QR code or by navigating to


If you have any questions, please contact Jordan Conner at jordan.conner@dnr.ohio.gov.

Commercial Cattle Show: Ohio State Fair

Commercial Cattle Show

Saturday, July 29, 2023 Ohio State Fair

Deadline for entries is July 21



The Commercial Cattle Show is an exhibition in which cattle are shown in a pens of three.

Cattle will be evaluated on a live and carcass basis.

Cattle will be shown in three groups: Native Beef, Beef on Dairy, and Dairy.

They must also be penned by sex.



Any exhibitor who has involvement with cattle may participate.

There will be a junior and an open division.

Youth under the age of 21 and organized youth groups are invited to participate in the junior division.

All junior cattle will also be eligible to participate in the open division.



Entries will open on May 16.

You can enter online at www.ohiostatefair.com (May 16 – June 21 at 1 p.m.), or email Barb Prince at b.prince@expo.ohio.gov (June 21 1:01 pm. – July 21).

Specific entry and show information available at www.ohiostatefair.com.

Note: Commercial cattle do not need to be BVD tested.


IMPORTANT CHANGES From prior years

  • Additional divisions
  • Beef x Dairy
  • Dairy
  • Shorter duration

– Cattle can arrive on Thursday, July 27.

– All cattle must be in place by Friday evening, July 28. Cattle will weigh Saturday morning and show Saturday afternoon.

  • Options for UPI collection points to transport cattle to the Ohio State Fair.
  • Possible collection points include Eaton and Bucyrus. Additional sponsorships for 2023 and increased premiums.


Click Here for Flyer!

2023 Life Skills and Clothing Grade Days

Life Skills and Sewing Grade Days RSVP DUE JUNE 19th


Youth taking Life Skills, Sewing, Cooking/Foods/Nutrition, Shooting Sports & Natural Resources, Dog: All About Dogs or You & Your Dog, Non-Livestock projects who plan on attending judging for their project and record book, need to fill out the RSVP survey below!


Please fill this form out to help us gauge how many youth we will have in attendance on these days at the Portage County Randolph Fair Grounds:

  • Life Skills Grade Day is July 15th, 2023: Food & Nutrition Judging from 9:00am – 12:00pm and Life Skills/Shooting Sports/Natural Resources from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.
  • Sewing Grade Day is July 20th, 2023: Judging from 12:00pm – 5:00pm, Awards at 6:30 (awarding State Fair packets at this time for life skills), Style Review from 7:00pm – 8:00pm (Clothing project State Fair packets awarded after).

If you feel you will not have your project completed by these dates, we ENCOURAGE YOU TO COME! It is still a great learning experience even if your project is not completed.


Here are some materials for those new to project judging, or want to improve!

Tips for Portage County 4-H Judging

Contest Requirements for 4-Sided Cardboard Tabletop Display



If you have questions concerning project judging for Life Skills or Sewing, please contact Jesseca Housel at the extension office at housel.15@osu.edu or 330-296-6432, or Carolyn Eiermann – President of the Life Skills Committee at eiermannfamily@aol.com

2023 Cloverbud Circles at Life Skills Grade Day


The Life Skills Commitee is hosting “Cloverbud Circles” during the Life Skills Grade Day on July 15th, 2023 starting at 2:30pm at the Portage County Randolph Fair Grounds.

This is an opportunity open to ALL 4-H Cloverbuds enrolled with Portage County 4-H! This is an opportunity for cloverbuds to talk about what they have learned so far in their Cloverbud year! Have they been learning about a certain project area? Have they been working on a “project” of their own? Have they done something fun during a club meeting that they would like to share? Or do they have any general interests that they want to talk about?

Posters, projects, and different objects are encouraged to be brought to Cloverbud Circles!

If you have any questions please call the Portage County OSU Extension Office at 330-296-6432 or email housel.15@osu.edu.

Camp Canopy Scholarships!

Attention! We are giving one last push for anyone who may want to attend Camp Canopy! Northeastern Ohio Forestry Association (NEOFA) is giving out scholarships for youth who are interested in attending. Please see the message below, and read through the forms below:

OFA Camp Cover Letter

NEOFA Sponsorship Application 2023 

Camp Canopy Registration 

Health Form



We are proud to announce that the Northeastern Ohio Forestry Association is once again offering a sponsorship for high school students to attend Camp Canopy.

Included here is everything a student should need to register for Camp Canopy and apply for the NEOFA Sponsorship. There is a cover letter about the application process along with the Camp Canopy Registration FormCamp Canopy Medical Form and the NEOFA Sponsorship Application. Please read all the included information before applying.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you know who might be interested. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Mike Lanave



2023 Portage County Public Speaking Contest

Date: Tuesday, June 20th Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Portage County OSU Extension, 705 Oakwood St. Ravenna, OH 44266 *Location Changed to Senior Center on Bottom Floor
Registration due June 16th by 4:00 p.m. to Portage County OSU Extension


Please fill out this registration form: 2023 Speaking Contest Reg Fillable

Please return registration to Ohio State University Extension, 705 Oakwood Street, Suite 103 Ravenna, OH 44266 or housel.15@osu.edu

If you find you cannot attend after you’ve registered, please email housel.15@osu.edu as soon as possible so we can adjust our program accordingly.


PORTAGE COUNTY follows the same GENERAL RULES & GUIDELINES as the Ohio State Fair Communications Contest and Public Speaking Contest posted at https://ohio4h.org/nonlivestockguidebook.

Cloverbud Day Camp at 4-H Camp Whitewood 2023

When: Wednesday, June 28, 2023 from 10:00am-4:00pm

Where: 4-H Camp Whitewood at 7983 South Wiswell Road, Windsor, OH 44099

Price: $20 per child, ages 5-8 as of 1/1/2023

Registration is AVAILABLE NOW! Please send forms to Portage County OSU Extension, or to housel.15@osu.edu

2023 Cloverbud Camp Registration Form

Come EXPLORE the great outdoors and spend the day at 4-H Camp Whitewood. Activities include swimming, hiking, and crafts. Grab your friends, swim gear and hiking shoes and join us for a day of FUN and ADVENTURE! Participants will need to pack their own lunches. Please note that there is NOT refridgeration available. The number of participants is limited, so sign up now! Pre-registration is necessary to insure adequate supplies and supervision.

*Parents may stay with their children, but it is not required. We enjoy having you! Please bring your own lunch, and supplies mentioned above if you plan to be spending the day with us 🙂