Teen Tip Video: Sugar in Beverages

Do you know how much added sugar is in the beverages you drink?  What you drink is just as important as what you eat.   Miriam Knopp, OSU Extension Intern in Franklin County, explains why sugary drinks should be avoided and explains how to determine the amount of sugar in the beverages you consume.

The “Added Sugar in Beverages” YouTube video link can be found in the link below:


Teen Tip Video: How to Address an Envelope

Today’s Teen Tip video “How to Address an Envelope”, is provided by Carroll County FCS Educator Bridget Britton.  Sometimes the art of simple things are lost on a paperless society, but are we truly paperless?  The skill of properly addressing an envelope is still an important skill for everyone to have.  Watch this week’s video to learn how to properly address an envelope.

Watch the video below to learn how to address an envelope: