Understanding The New Food Nutrition Labels

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One of the biggest changes in the new food nutrition label is a larger, bolder typeface for both calories and serving sizes. The typeface will be easier for people to see and read.

In 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the updated food nutrition label design. According to the FDA, the new design was part of an effort to reflect updated scientific findings to help consumers make more informed decisions about food choices and maintaining healthy diets.

NEW LOOK: Here’s a comparison of the old and new food nutrition labels. (Courtesy of U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

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Only 1-In-5 Consumers Think Plant-Based Products Should Be Called Milk

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With only days to go before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) comment period on fake milks ends, new consumer research shows Americans widely disapprove of dairy terms being appropriated by fake-milk producers, as well as confusion on the nutritional content of milk versus plant-based imitators, offering further evidence that FDA must enforce long-existing standards of identity on dairy imposters. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Merry Christmas

As we are winding down the year there is lots still to do. I am finishing up some year-end reports and articles at work and winding up for winter programs. We have a full winter and spring of agriculture programming planned, details of which can be found on the events page at u.osu.edu/henryag. While there are more details to come I’d like to highlight the 2019 edition of “Northwest Ohio Crops Day” scheduled for February 8th at the Bavarian Haus in Deshler. During this full day agronomy program, we have a variety of topics and speakers lined up. One of those Speakers is NW Ohio’s own Gary Schnikey from the University of Illinois. As part of the program a full 3-hour pesticide recertification and 1-hour fertilizer recertification will be offered to producers. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Turkey Time

With the blast of cooler air and some snow over the past couple of weeks suggested that winter and the holidays are around the corner, whether we are ready or not. That being said are you ready for Thanksgiving?

According to the National Turkey Federation, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863, supposedly as a response to a campaign organized by magazine editor, Sara Joseph Hale. In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving Day forward one week, as it is presently celebrated. Bradford’s description of the Pilgrims’ first autumn in Plymouth makes it clear, “there was great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many, besides venison, etc.” Continue reading

Upcoming Event – Grill Smart

Interested in learning the science behind great grilling? If so this program is for you. Participants will get hands on experience learning how to grill various cuts of meat and maximizing taste, all while practicing food safety. The program will be held October 9th at Holgate H.S. We ask that RSVP’s be made by Ocober 1 to the Extension office.

Use Caution When Canning this Fall

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While it’s a wonderful, cherished tradition in many families to preserve food based on recipes that were developed and honed over the years in grandma’s, great-grandma’s and great-great-grandma’s kitchens, recipes should be reviewed, and if they don’t match recipes that have been tested and researched by food safety experts, they shouldn’t be used. Continue reading

From Across the Field 11-23-2017

From Across the Field

First and for most I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you have a chance to gather with friends, celebrate what you are thankful for, and share in the bounties of agriculture this holiday weekend. As I look back at the calendar it has been six months since I began working here in Henry County, where has the time gone? Other than the obvious change in temperature it seems like I just started yesterday. In half a year I have learned a lot, met many people, and have worked with a great set of colleagues both here in the county office and across the OSU Extension organization. Continue reading