From Across the Field – Starting to Feel a Bit Like Spring

Temperatures are beginning to warm and it is beginning to feel like spring outside. I have to keep reminding myself that February still remains ahead, with the potential for cooler weather and perhaps some additional snow.

For most people spring seems to be their favorite season, as thing green up and begin to grow. Having grown up in the southern part of the spring meant mud, and for that reason alone I always hope for a “short spring,” where the transition from frozen ground to dry ground is quick and rapid.

Even though spring is still weeks away there are some things that can be done in preparation for this year’s landscape and garden. If you saved seeds from the last growing season and wonder if they will germinate when planted this spring, you can discover the average rate of germination before the planting season begins. It’s easy to check vegetable and flower seed viability, and it can save you time later when the gardening season begins. Continue reading

From Across the Field 11-23-2017

From Across the Field

First and for most I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you have a chance to gather with friends, celebrate what you are thankful for, and share in the bounties of agriculture this holiday weekend. As I look back at the calendar it has been six months since I began working here in Henry County, where has the time gone? Other than the obvious change in temperature it seems like I just started yesterday. In half a year I have learned a lot, met many people, and have worked with a great set of colleagues both here in the county office and across the OSU Extension organization. Continue reading