Local Agronomic Insect Trapping Report 6-19

All insect traps have been set. I will report trap counts based on the township the traps are in. In 2018 in Henry County I have traps set for Western Bean Cutworm (WBC), European Corn Borer (ECB), and Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs (BMSB). There is also a WBC trap at the NW Agricultural Research Station near Hoytville.


Freedom – set
Monroe – set
Pleasant – set
Bartlow – set
NWARS – set


Freedom – set
Bartlow – set


Flatrock – 0 male; 0 female; 0 nymphs


USDA Updates Emerald Ash Borer Map, January 2018

By: Amy Stone, From Buckeye Yard and Garden Line

While emerald ash borer (EAB) may be considered “old-news” in the buckeye state, many may want to keep a watchful eye on its progression beyond Ohio. Each month, USDA APHIS produces an updated EAB Detection Map. Occasionally, we like to post these updated maps on BYGL for those that are interested in monitoring the spread of the pest in North America.

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Do Woolly Worms Really Predict the Winter Ahead?

By Joel Penhorwood, Ohio’s Country Journal/Ohio Ag Net

Imagine yourself as a student on the campus of The Ohio State University. It’s a nice, sunny day outside. Students are walking to class, others are having conversation beside Mirror Lake, and in the distance, you see your entomology professor running around with a crazed look in his eyes while waving a comically-sized insect net.

Yes, the latter really happened. The man in question is known as the BugDoc, professor emeritus of entomology at The Ohio State University, Dr. David Shetlar. I had the pleasure of visiting with him recently to ask him something that bugs my brain every year at this time, no pun intended.

Old wives’ tales are something of a hobby for farmers in Ohio it seems, especially when it comes to predicting winter weather. Everything in the Lord’s creation is up for grabs when it comes to telling us how bad the upcoming winter will be. Whether its corn husk thickness, leaf amounts, or wool growth on sheep, something somewhere will tell us winter is coming. Continue reading

Fall Home Invaders are Poised to Enter

Authors: Joe Boggs

Published on
September 30, 2017

Now that fall is officially in the air, a number of insects and spiders are poised to make their way into Ohio homes.  Indeed, with the recent spate of cool temperatures, I’ve already gotten a few reports of gnat-like Hackberry Psyllids (Pachypsylla spp.) buzzing around homes and various spiders marching across floors.

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