From Across the Field – Summer’s End


Over the weekend I finally got caught up one a little bit of lawn work. With these above average temperatures and ample moisture, the grass is growing rather quickly for this time of year. Remember we should be mowing at a height that is an inch to an inch and a half higher than your summer mowing level. Mowing higher will promote a stronger root system going into the winter dormant period. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Seasons of Change.

From hot and steamy, to cool and soggy they weather sure changed rapidly over the weekend, almost as to announce that fall was here. Earlier planted crops begun to turn with last week’s heat, however from what my colleagues are reporting, we here in far NW Ohio are a couple of weeks behind in terms of crop maturity.  As hurricane season ramps up in the Atlantic more rain is likely in the forecast. For those earlier planted corn fields stalk quality may become a concern. Continue reading

From Across the Field – 8/15/18

As if on cue we got a couple of nice rains during the fair, but is sure seemed to dry up pretty quick. Even though the moisture didn’t do much for settling the dust on the fairground it should sure help the soybean crop as pods fill across the county. I have also heard of some isolated instances of hail damage from one of the fronts that came through, at this point hail can certainly be devastating to crops especially if stalks or stems are damaged. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Getting Ready

We were fortunate to get a nice rain shower yesterday as we were heading into the beginning phases of drought conditions, especially in the northern part of the county.  As crops are in the early to mid reproductive stages any precipitation received should have a positive effect on grain fill and yield. That being said crops could still use timely rainfall until physiological maturity is reached at which point dry down becomes a priority in order for a timely harvest.   Continue reading

From Across the Field – Fair Season in Full Force

In the past week I have had multiple conversation with colleagues, clientele, and stakeholders regarding the recent developments regard water quality in the Western Lake Erie Basin. Even though the vast majority of Henry county was not included in the eight named watersheds, my message at this point is no different than it was prior to the Governor’s announcement last week. OSU Extension, myself included, will continue our role in translating science-based information into practical strategies for addressing the water quality issues facing the state. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Due Diligence Saves Dollars

As much as I hate to say it we need some rain here in Henry County. After our second wet spring in a row, things have dried up with the higher temperatures over the past couple of weeks. The hotter weather has put some of the later planted crops under heat stress, especially the later planted corn that has yet to form a canopy over the soil surface. Continue reading