From Across the Field – Waiting Game

Here I am writing this week’s column and I am beginning to get a bit stir crazy here in the office. Having been seemingly on the run during the winter meeting season, it is going to take me a few days to adjust back to a normal pace and begin planning for the upcoming crop season.

Before we think about getting in the fields, I have a list of growers who still need to recertify for their pesticide and fertilizer licenses before the end of the month. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Thinking Warm Thoughts

As I wrote last week about March Madness, I did have the chance to watch some high school tournament action over the weekend. While on my travels, I did notice some signs of spring beginning to appear. I did notice that some tree buds are starting to swell, wild garlic is growing, and a few folks told me that some flowers were starting to bloom. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Here Comes March Madness

Growing up my father coached 5th-6th grade basketball for more than a decade and his love for the game was something that I inherited. For me, March is the highlight of the sports calendar, unless the Reds somehow reach the World Series in my lifetime and then we can talk about October. Watching high school games at various tournament locations and filling out a handful of NCAA brackets is something I look forward to annually. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Blue Jacket, Fond Memories

This past week marked FFA Week, annually celebratedduring  the week of George Washington’s birthday. Washington was renowned for his farm record keeping skills, which are recognized in the opening ceremonies of each FFA meeting. The beginning of each paragraph of the FFA Creed reads, “I believe in the future of agriculture”, words that bring back fond memories of my time as a member of the Morgan FFA chapter. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Thinking Ahead

Thank goodness the ice held off long enough for us to have a great turnout for the 2019 edition of Northwest Ohio Crops Day. We had right at 100 total attendees, an increase from last year. I certainly appreciate the support of both vendors and producers who helped make the event the success as we continue to improve the quality of service and improve the knowledge base of producers in the area. Go ahead mark the Friday of the first full week in February for next year’s event. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Thinking Ahead

With all of the rain we have had, yards, hay fields, and pastures may need re-seeded in areas that have been torn up. There is a method called “frost seeding” where you apply seed to the ground and the freezing and thawing of the soil in February and early March will provide seed to soil contact allowing germination of the seed. There is a little more risk of the seed not germinating than a traditional seeding, but the cost and time is a lot less.  Continue reading

From Across the Field – A Tad Bit Chilly

Brrr! That’s the best way I know how to describe this blast of Polar air that had us hunkered up in the warmth of our homes, (especially since the office was closed). The drop in temperatures aided by the ever blowing wind was about as cold as I can remember. I’ve heard stories about the blizzard of 1978, and am glad we did not get that kind of snowfall prior to this cold snap, as I for one, am not a fan of blowing and drifting snow. Looking at all-time record lows, most of those across Ohio were set in January of 1994. It doesn’t look like it we quite got there this past week. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Winter Has Arrived

Well we got a good shot of winter weather over the last week. In typical Midwesterner fashion, I don’t think the below freezing temperatures aren’t all that bad, if the wind isn’t howling. The wind on the other hand is another beast, as there was a waist high snow drift in my driveway on Sunday morning. With drifting snow and frigid cold, it sure makes one appreciate the road crews that are out and about making sure we can travel safely. Back in southern Ohio a similar snow event would have resulted in a week off of school as the roads are a bit more treacherous, due to the winding hilly topography of the area. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Winter is Here

Just as I wrote last week about the weather being fairly warm, Mother Nature decided to drop some snow across the state this past weekend. On Saturday I attended the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting and banquet held just north of Columbus. The banquet adjourned around 8:00 p.m. and then it was like an episode of Ice Road Truckers coming back to Napoleon. It’s not that the roads we too poor of shape, I was more concerned about the lack of driving skill in the snow demonstrated by other drivers on the road (tends to be a recurring theme the more I have to drive to Columbus).

As part of the OCA annual meeting, faculty from the Department of Animal Sciences presented a nice update on beef research happening across the state at the research stations. Their topics focused on fixed time artificial insemination and embryo transfer, feedlot nutrition, and weaning strategies that minimize calf stress. Some of these topics will be covered here in Napoleon during our 2019 Beef School in late March and into April on Monday evenings. Continue reading

From Across the Field – New Year, New Changes

As with every changing of the calendar, come changes as to how farmers are asked (or required) to implement certain production practices. This year, 2019 is no different. One of those major changes will affect producers who are planning to use dicamba based herbicides this growing season. The revised label for those products no longer allows for the applicator to be a trained person under direct supervision of a pesticide license holder, rather the person making the application must now be a licensed applicator themselves. For those needing to obt Continue reading