From Across the Field – It’s About to Get Busy

As I complete my first full year here in Henry County we are entering my favorite time of the work year. While I do enjoy getting to teach and talk with folks during the winter meetings, they don’t hold a candle to being out in the field. Whether it’s conducting on-farm research, checking insect traps, or diagnosing plant disease it does one some good to get away from the office. Continue reading

McDonald’s Testing Fresh Beef Burgers

By: Wyatt Bectel, Drovers

Move over frozen beef patties, here comes fresh beef at McDonald’s.

On Jan. 2, McDonald’s announced that it was testing a new burger, called Archburger. The burger is being tested at seven McDonald’s restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a restaurant in Plano, Texas. The Archburger is made with fresh beef and being offered in a limited run to seek both consumer and franchisee feedback. Continue reading