From Across the Field – Thinking Ahead

Thank goodness the ice held off long enough for us to have a great turnout for the 2019 edition of Northwest Ohio Crops Day. We had right at 100 total attendees, an increase from last year. I certainly appreciate the support of both vendors and producers who helped make the event the success as we continue to improve the quality of service and improve the knowledge base of producers in the area. Go ahead mark the Friday of the first full week in February for next year’s event. Continue reading

NW OH “Seeds for Success” Small Farms Conference & Trade Show

The 2019 NW Ohio Seeds For Success Small Farm Conference will be held on Saturday, March 16 at Northwest State Community College, located at 22600 State Route 34, Archbold Ohio.  The conference provides education and topics of interest for small farm and rural landowners.  Participants will walk away from the conference with knowledge and ideas of how to improve existing enterprises or marketing opportunities.  For those who have some acreage but don’t yet know what to do with it, the conference is an opportunity to consider possibilities, gather information and make contacts.

Continue reading

From Across the Field – Christmas Tree Care

With the blast of cooler air and some snow over the past couple of weeks suggested that winter and the holidays are around the corner, whether we are ready or not. While I enjoy the Christmas holiday, I am one of those folks that tend not to think too much about it until Thanksgiving has past. Also the risk of sounding like Scrooge, prior to Thanksgiving is too early for Christmas music to be on the radio, (Bah Humbug!) but that is a different conversation for a different time. Continue reading

From Across the Field – The Downhill Slide

The middle of October is typically one of the busiest times of the year for all involved in agriculture. It is the time to harvest crops, wean calves, breed ewes, and cut firewood for the coming cooler weather. In addition, this is the time to work on planning for the farm enterprise in 2019, begin looking at balance sheets, income statements, and putting the pencil to estimated costs for the next growing season. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Summer’s End


Over the weekend I finally got caught up one a little bit of lawn work. With these above average temperatures and ample moisture, the grass is growing rather quickly for this time of year. Remember we should be mowing at a height that is an inch to an inch and a half higher than your summer mowing level. Mowing higher will promote a stronger root system going into the winter dormant period. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Seasons of Change.

From hot and steamy, to cool and soggy they weather sure changed rapidly over the weekend, almost as to announce that fall was here. Earlier planted crops begun to turn with last week’s heat, however from what my colleagues are reporting, we here in far NW Ohio are a couple of weeks behind in terms of crop maturity.  As hurricane season ramps up in the Atlantic more rain is likely in the forecast. For those earlier planted corn fields stalk quality may become a concern. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Knee High by the 4th of July?

While the heat and high humidity over the weekend and into Monday may have been uncomfortable for us, it sure made the corn across the region grow. Corn growth and development is based on growing degree days, which have accumulated rapidly the past couple of weeks. Most of the earlier planted corn in the county looks good and will be closer to shoulder high by Independence Day. There is still a fair amount of later planted corn to be side dressed, to provide nitrogen for the rest of the growing season. Conditions just haven’t been ideal to apply that fertilizer due to the wet conditions (again) this spring. Continue reading