From Across the Field – Growing Grass

I had the opportunity to head to southern Ohio this past weekend, and help my brother build some fence. While it is a tedious job, I sure enjoyed the opportunity to get outside and swing the hammer for a couple of days, before we were rained out on Sunday afternoon.

This week I mowed the lawn for the first time and I enjoy doing that early in the season when the grass in dark green and growing. If you want to keep the lawn looking nice, there are up to four times a year you can fertilize. The first is early spring, then around Memorial Day, Labor Day, and before Thanksgiving. I think if you are only going to fertilize once or twice a year, the best times to do it is before Thanksgiving and/or around Memorial Day. Late in the season builds roots and color for the winter, and fertilizing around Memorial Day will help it through the summer. Continue reading

From Across the Field – April Showers

Everyone knows the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” As I wrote last week I think we can amend that old adage to say “April showers bring May planted corn.” Jim Noel from the National Weather Service suggested that change as he predicts a wetter than average April followed by a drier May in this week’s C.O.R.N. newsletter. As a reminder the Crop Observation Reporting Network newsletter comes our weekly during the growing season and can be found at Continue reading

From Across the Field – 3/27/19

What a nice weekend we had here in NW Ohio. On Saturday, I spent the day at the Henry County Cattlemen’s spring preview show on the fairgrounds. There was a good turnout with 99 head of steers and heifers shown on the day. While it was cool to begin the day, once the sun began to shine, the temperature began to warm up nicely.

I used part of my Sunday to work on picking up limbs and sticks in the yard. Most of what I gathered was maple limbs that came down when we had that icy morning a while back. With maple trees as the get older and larger, the tree kills of limbs in an effort to reduce it’s nutrient requirements for maintenance. Even though there were quite a few sticks to gather, I’d rather they maple than something such as ash. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Waiting Game

Here I am writing this week’s column and I am beginning to get a bit stir crazy here in the office. Having been seemingly on the run during the winter meeting season, it is going to take me a few days to adjust back to a normal pace and begin planning for the upcoming crop season.

Before we think about getting in the fields, I have a list of growers who still need to recertify for their pesticide and fertilizer licenses before the end of the month. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Thinking Warm Thoughts

As I wrote last week about March Madness, I did have the chance to watch some high school tournament action over the weekend. While on my travels, I did notice some signs of spring beginning to appear. I did notice that some tree buds are starting to swell, wild garlic is growing, and a few folks told me that some flowers were starting to bloom. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Blue Jacket, Fond Memories

This past week marked FFA Week, annually celebratedduring  the week of George Washington’s birthday. Washington was renowned for his farm record keeping skills, which are recognized in the opening ceremonies of each FFA meeting. The beginning of each paragraph of the FFA Creed reads, “I believe in the future of agriculture”, words that bring back fond memories of my time as a member of the Morgan FFA chapter. Continue reading

From Across the Field – Thinking Ahead

Thank goodness the ice held off long enough for us to have a great turnout for the 2019 edition of Northwest Ohio Crops Day. We had right at 100 total attendees, an increase from last year. I certainly appreciate the support of both vendors and producers who helped make the event the success as we continue to improve the quality of service and improve the knowledge base of producers in the area. Go ahead mark the Friday of the first full week in February for next year’s event. Continue reading

NW OH “Seeds for Success” Small Farms Conference & Trade Show

The 2019 NW Ohio Seeds For Success Small Farm Conference will be held on Saturday, March 16 at Northwest State Community College, located at 22600 State Route 34, Archbold Ohio.  The conference provides education and topics of interest for small farm and rural landowners.  Participants will walk away from the conference with knowledge and ideas of how to improve existing enterprises or marketing opportunities.  For those who have some acreage but don’t yet know what to do with it, the conference is an opportunity to consider possibilities, gather information and make contacts.

Continue reading

From Across the Field – Christmas Tree Care

With the blast of cooler air and some snow over the past couple of weeks suggested that winter and the holidays are around the corner, whether we are ready or not. While I enjoy the Christmas holiday, I am one of those folks that tend not to think too much about it until Thanksgiving has past. Also the risk of sounding like Scrooge, prior to Thanksgiving is too early for Christmas music to be on the radio, (Bah Humbug!) but that is a different conversation for a different time. Continue reading