Celebrate National FCS Day

February 14, 2024, is the day we celebrate National Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Day, a celebration that showcases the value and importance of family and consumer sciences education and its educators. The Live Healthy Live Well team at the Ohio State University Extension wants to enlist your help in spreading the word about the positive impact of Family and Consumer Sciences profession -The People-Centered Sciences.

What can you do –

Why Should We Celebrate NOW –

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is a diverse and vital field that plays a crucial role in preparing students for real-world challenges across a variety of workplace settings. FCS utilizes research, experiential education, and technology to teach students the essential knowledge and skills to:

  • lead better lives,
  • be work and career-ready,
  • build strong families,
  • make meaningful contributions to our communities.

Think about the saying “You can’t build a strong house on a weak foundation”

Let’s build a strong foundation for Family Living by Proclaiming, Exploring and Honoring FCS programming and educators.


Written by: Margaret Jenkins, Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences, OSU Extension Clermont County, jenkins.188@osu.edu

Reviewed by: Beth Stefura, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, OSU Extension Mahoning County, Stefura.2@osu.edu


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3.  Say Yes to FCS video https://youtu.be/Kya5u4KE72g?si=WhWXZzqxgG-sXUGV