Southern Ohio Farm Show

In this week’s episode of the Southern Ohio Farm Show:
-Learn about Highland County 4-H from several Junior Leaders
-Follow the process of maple syrup production at Clermont County’s Pattison Park
Tune in next week for another new episode featuring more uses for maple syrup!

Southern Ohio Farm Show

In this week’s episode of the Southern Ohio Farm Show, we have an updated weather outlook with Dr. Aaron Wilson, and tax and succession planning with Richard Purdin. Tune in next week for another new episode!


OSUE Clermont Now Offers Successful Co-Parenting Online

Successful Co-Parenting Online is an online educational class that familiarizes parents with information, skills, and techniques to minimize the negative effects of separation and divorce on children to promote positive adjustment during the divorce process. Backed by the online security of Ohio State University, SCP Online offers individuals a confidential, self-paced learning experience. A trained Extension professional will host each participant as he or she progresses through the program. These trained hosts will respond to questions as well as verify completion of the class.

Successful Co-Parenting is being offered in cooperation with the Clermont County Court of Domestic Relations and meets the co-parenting education requirement assigned by the court.  Participants need 90 minutes – 2hrs to complete the course.  A certificate of completion will be emailed to participants upon completion of the course. Registration is $35 per person and payable online by credit card through a secure registration site (Cvent). There are NO refunds issued for this course.


Southern Ohio Farm Show

This week on the Southern Ohio Farm Show we are joined by Dr. Tim McDermott for gardening tips, Dave Apsley helps us identify the pitch pine, information on sustainability, and supplementing beef cattle during the winter with Richard Purdin. Tune in next week for another new episode!  Watch Here

Southern Ohio Farm Show

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. As chocolate is a popular Valentine’s Day gift, in this week’s episode of the Southern Ohio Farm Show we learn more about chocolate. Dr. Mary Kay Pohlschneider, professor of Food Science, discusses the process of making chocolate and how to conduct a chocolate taste test. Mechelle Frost, director of the Highland County Senior Citizens Center, provides a demonstration on how to make hot chocolate bombs. We also discuss sustainability practices to use in the kitchen.  Watch Here.

Caregiver Support Network

Join the Caregiver Support Network for two FREE webinars on


Wednesday February 17 – online via Zoom

10 am: Respite and Caregiver needs: Creating your respite plan

2 pm: Sharing respite experiences and resources: Where do I start?

Who should attend: 

  • Family members caring for an adult or senior with chronic illness or disability
  • Adult children concerned about aging parents
  • Parents caring for adult children with disabilities
  • Long term workers: assisted living facility, adult family home or home care agency staff
  • Social service, adult day service or mental health professionals who work with family caregivers




Contact: Laura Akgerman at 614-292-0622 or

Webinar preview: Health Aging Telecast video

Attendees seeking an accommodation to participate in the webinar are encouraged to contact Laura Akgerman at akgerman.4@osu.eduas early as possible, and in advance of the event to request accommodations. The webinar will be auto-captioned, recorded and posted at

Take Charge of Your Diabetes

Sign up for a FREE Dining with Diabetes Lunch & Learn.

A healthier lifestyle begins with YOU!

  • Health & wellness tips for people with or without diabetes
  • Diabetic friendly recipes
  • Learn ways to add more movement to your day

February 25, 2021, from 12 Noon – 1:00 pm

Register at this link:

Vegetables That are Healthier Cooked

Most people consume vegetables to reap the nutritional benefits.  While most vegetables are better raw, there are a few you should cook instead. Cooking releases nutrients that your body can more easily absorb.  Here are a few vegetables you may want to cook before you consume them.

  • Asparagus.  This springtime vegetable is full of cancer-fighting vitamins A, C and E.  Cooking asparagus  increases it levels of phenolic acid, which is associated with reduced risk of cancer.  Drizzle asparagus with olive oil and enjoy!
  • Carrots.  Our bodies seem to use more easily the beta carotene in cooked carrots than in raw ones.  Cut into rounds, steam, and serve with a little honey or cinnamon.
  • Mushrooms.  Microwaving or grilling can increase antioxidant activity.  After heating them up, slice and add to a salad or sauté and add to an omelet.
  • Tomatoes.  Lycopene is better absorbed when the food item is heated up. This may protect against cancer and heart disease.  Slow roasted in the oven at 200 degrees and added to a sandwich sounds delicious.
  • Spinach.  Oxalic acid may block the absorption of calcium and iron from raw spinach.  Heat is known to break it down.  Blanch spinach and served under grilled fish with salsa.

Healthier Heart Lunch and Learn

Join us for a 3-part Lunch and Learn Webinar series that will be held February 10, February 24 and March 10 – from noon to 12:30pm.   The series is FREE, but participants need to register to get the link.  It is not required to attend all three lessons.


Southern Ohio Farm Show

This week’s episode is all about the Super Bowl.  If you like football, you will find this episode to be really interesting. We learn about sports turf management and how the footballs are made in Ohio.  Watch Here