Artists Wanted!

Are you or your 4‑H’er creative or artistic? Upload a photo of your masterpiece for the chance to be selected for 2019 4‑H Youth Artwork calendar and other 4‑H promotional items. All forms of media are accepted – photography, painting, drawings, sculpture – just upload an image of the work of art below. All entrants must be 18 or under and an active 4‑H’er, so don’t forget to ask your parent’s permission!

SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK  Deadline for submission is August 10, 2018.

You’re Invited!!!

You’re invited to celebrate with us, the general projects created by our talented Clermont County 4-H Members, at the 2018 4-H Style Review and Winners’ Circle Ceremony!

Members who completed a Clothing and Textiles project will be recognized during the 4-H Style Revue on July 21, at 1:00pm in the Multi-Purpose Building.  The Winners’ Circle ceremony will be held immediately following the 4-H Style Revue.  Winners’ Circle is a recognition ceremony for members who completed a general project and participated in General Project Judging.  We will announce 1st-5th place winners as well as state fair delegates.  See  you there!

Register TODAY…While There’s Still Time!

Sign up for the Communications Contest (click title to register) held during the fair on Monday, July 23.  Members can register for the Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks and/or Marketing Contest.  Participants will have an opportunity to advance to the State Fair. 


Don’t miss out on the Fruit & Veggie Car Derby (click title to register) held during the fair on Friday, July 27.  Cloverbuds, 4-H’ers and adults are invited to put their ingenuity to the test and enter the Fruit and Veggie Car Derby.  Not ready to practice your engineering skills?  Watching the event is almost as much fun as participating in it.   


Buy your tickets for 4-H Night with the Reds (click title to purchase tickets online)! Bring the whole club to the ballpark to watch the Cincinnati Reds take on the Cleveland Indians Monday, August 13, at 7:10pm.   

Complete listing of Pre-Fair and Fair Week Events (dates, guidelines and things to do)!

Adults can Participate in the County Fair Too!

The start of the Clermont County Fair is just a few days away, July 22 – 28, 2018. The county fair countdown begins as soon as the previous year’s fair ends. I know firsthand, my hometown has a rolling advertising sign with a daily countdown at the fairground entrance. The excitement, food, entertainment, youth displays and well, adult displays too!

Did you know that the Agricultural Societies were created for the purpose of communities to bring together farmers and homemakers to display their crops and wares? Of course, there is friendly competition but it was all based on agricultural achievement, recording of new agricultural methods and reporting those results to the State Board of Agriculture. You know, that stuff we call science and white papers to help improve our practices!

Not to long ago I watched an “Andy Griffith Show” re-run where Aunt Bee made her prized pickles to take to the county fair. Clara had been the blue ribbon winner for years and Aunt Bee was determined. She was so proud but everyone knew they were the worst tasting pickles around. But oh did they have fun watching the judging of the event. That is what it is all about, family, friends, and who canned the best pickles!

Each state has their own version of ag societies and how they recorded their outstanding production. From each state, then there is the county fair at the local level. Adults were the primary participants for many years and then youth started getting involved through 4-H and FFA projects. While our youth today seem to be the focus of our local county fairs, highlighting their agricultural achievements, record keeping and displaying their projects, (sounds familiar) I want you to think about what YOU, the adult, could participate in during your upcoming fair.

Do you have a talent for making jams and jellies, baking pies or cakes  , growing flowers, vegetables, fruits and grains? Maybe you like to preserve those vegetables and fruits.

How about sewing , needlepoint, rug making, painting, etc.

Are you an amateur wine or beer maker?

Do you like showing livestock? beef or dairy cattle, poultry, rabbits, horses, etc?

Adults can participate in the senior fair or adult portion of their local county fair, below is a short list in many categories.

  • open beef cattle show
  • bakery and pantry products
  • needle craft, art, ceramics and pottery
  • flower and horticulture
  • grains, vegetables, herbs and seeds
  • poultry
  • Grange
  • rabbits
  • wine making
  • open horse show
  • photography
  • quilting
  • antiques

Each county has their own set of rules and guidelines for participation in said events. Sometimes you can cross county lines and participate in more than one county! Visit your local county agriculture society to find out more information on the projects and events, rules and guidelines for participation.


“And the blue ribbon and the winner goes to YOU!”  

Clermont County Fair Pig Exhibitors

UPDATE – Attention ALL Clermont County Pig Exhibitors:

Pig can begin arriving at the fairgrounds at 6:00pm on Saturday. Trailers need to enter the St. Rt. 132 entrance gate. There will be traffic directors to assist the trailers. Dr. Patchell and his staff will be going trailer to trailer in the line to take temperatures and look for symptoms of illness on every pig. If one pig on the trailer has an elevated temperature or is exhibiting symptoms of illness the entire trailer will be sent home. Please do not bring any sick pigs to the fair and consider disinfecting trailers if making multiple trips.

The goats and sheep that are housed in the same barn as pigs are safe. They are not effected by swine flu.

We are excited to see everyone Saturday night!

Kim Hill

Hog Project News

Image result for swine thermometer

Pig arrival times for Saturday, July 21st are 6:00pm to 11:00pm.  All pigs coming to the fair will have their temperature tested at unloading Saturday evening by the fair vet or one of his staff members.  Any pig having a raised temperature or exhibiting signs of illness (i.e. coughing, wheezing, etc.) will be tested for swine influenza.  Any pig testing positive for swine influenza will not be permitted to stay on the fairgrounds and must be removed Saturday evening.

There was an Open Pig Show the weekend of June 29th at our fairgrounds.  The entire barn is being sanitized by the Clermont County Pork Producers this weekend in preparation for our fair pigs.  Thank you to them for also setting up the entire barn this year.

If you have a pig that has lost an ear tag and you have already notified Kim or Jerry Hill, it will be tagged at fair unloading on Saturday, July 21st.  If you have lost a tag and have not notified Kim or Jerry Hill please do so.

Thanks! Kim and Jerry Hill

Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF) MUST be completed and turned in before scaling

The Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF example) must be completed by all market and lactating livestock that are exhibited at the Clermont County Fair. See list below.

  • Ohio Revised Code 901-19-06
    • DUNFs are required of the following species:
      • Market: Steer, Hog, Lamb, Dairy Steer, Goat, Poultry (by pen), Veal Calf

      • Lactating: Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats

    • No person shall submit an incomplete, illegible or unsigned DUNF
    • If the DUNF is incomplete, the exhibitor shall correct / complete the form prior to :
      • Receiving any prizes or awards for that exhibit; or
      • Participating in the show or sale for the the DUNF was completed.
    • Triplicate Forms are in the OSU Extension Office (M-F 8a – 4:30p) or Junior Fairboard Office during office hours posted below.

Collection dates and times in the Junior Fairboard Office:

  1. Thursday, July 19  5-9p
  2. Friday, July 20  5-10p
  3. Saturday, July 21  5-10p


Image result for 11 days

  • Fairbooks are available: OSU Extension, Ag Society Office and area businesses
    • Please make sure each 4-H/FFA family has one
    • Read the schedule and rules

    • Ask questions now, don’t wait until last minute. OSU Extension, Senior/Junior Fair and 4-H Volunteers will gladly help answer your question. 

Clarifications & Corrections noted from June 20, 2018 Junior Fairboard Meeting

Date Time Event
Sunday, July 15   1:30pm – 4pm Skill-a-thon (Livestock – Multi-purpose and Blue Ribbon; Nutrition and Clothing – 4-H Hall)
Wednesday, July 18   4pm – until?? Junior Fairboard work event
Thursday, July 19   5pm – 9pm Jr. Fairboard Office open for DUNF forms; MUST be turned in before crossing scales
Friday, July 20   5pm – 10pm Jr. Fairboard Office open for DUNF forms; MUST be turned in before crossing scales
Friday, July 20   6pm – 8pm Non-market goats arrive (pygmy, dairy, meat breeding, pack/harness)
Friday, July 20   6pm – 11pm Beef cattle, non-milking dairy cattle, market goats and lambs arrive and weigh-in
Saturday, July 21   7am – 9am Market chickens and market turkeys arrive
Saturday, July 21   9am – 11am Exhibition (fancy) poultry arrive
Saturday, July 21   11am – 1pm Exhibition, breeding and meat pen rabbits arrive
Saturday, July 21   1pm – 2pm 4-H Style Review
Saturday, July 21   2pm – 4pm 4-H Winners Circle
Saturday, July 21   5pm – 10pm Jr. Fairboard Office open for DUNF forms; MUST be turned in before crossing scales
Saturday, July 21   6pm – 11pm Hogs arrive and weigh-in
Sunday, July 22   10am Horses begin arriving
Monday July, 23   7am Horses must be in place

Wednesday, July 25


Dairy Goat Show