4-H Cloverbud Show and Tell

On Wednesday, July 28th Clermont County 4-H and Clermont County 4-H Educator, Kelly Royalty hosted a Cloverbud Show and Tell Day for all the Clermont County Cloverbuds to participate in. Cloverbuds picked a topic or an item to show and tell about in their groups. At the closing of the Cloverbud Show and Tell program, all Cloverbuds in attendance were announced and presented with a 4-H Cloverbuds bag for completion. Thank you to all the Clermont County Fair Royalty and 4-H Volunteers that helped with our 2021 Clermont County Fair Cloverbud Day!


Master Gardener Volunteer Weekly Garden Update

This weeks Master Gardner Weekly Update is a little bit different. This week is fair week here on the fair grounds and the Master Gardeners have been busy picking produce, displaying their gardens to the public, educating the public about their organization, and more. The MGV’s made sure that all their gardens were decorated and ready for the public to see during fair. A bird bath and other colorful pieces were added in the sensory garden. Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies have been seen in the gardens and the produce is growing quickly. The pumpkins are big in size and are beginning to turn color. If you haven’t made it over to see the Straw Bale Demonstration Garden on the fairgrounds, make sure to do so before the fair ends. The Master Gardener Booth containing information on the Master Gardener Program, how to join, photos of their gardens and records, and more can be found in the Floral Hall, located on the fairgrounds.

4-H STEM Day

On Tuesday, July 27th Clermont County 4-H members participated in STEM Day, during the 2021 Clermont County Fair. Participants learned how to use a Sphero robot as an engine in a carriage of their own making. Participants had to ensure that their design for their carriage/chariot was: stable, swift, and capable of steering around or overcoming obstacles without losing their passengers (2 Ping Pong balls). Participants worked in teams and had a half hour to construct their carriage/chariot. Once participants completed their designs, the competition for 1st through 3rd place was on. The results and photos of the Sphero Races for STEM Day are as follows:

1st Place – Team Balloon Animals (Leo, Vivian, Amy, and Caleb)

2nd Place – Team Dorschug (Abigail Dorschug, Olivia Dorschug, and Grant Dorschug)

3rd Place – Team X Car (Lazaro Rios, Alfonso Rios, and Trey Weber)




4-H Communications Contest

The Clermont County 4-H Communications contest was held on Monday, July 26th; during the 2021 Clermont County Fair. Several individuals and teams competed in the competition. Demonstrations covered various different topics from pigeons to paper airplanes. The following projects are State Fair Delegates from Clermont County:

1st Place Intermediate Individual (11-13) – Zak Hinton from Empower Youth 4-H Club, Project: How to Stay Safe While Welding

2nd Place Intermediate Individual (11-13) – Ethan Roosa from Buzzing Enthusiasts 4-H Club, Project: Fishing


1st Place Intermediate Team (11-13) – Kaitlyn York and Abe Cowdrey from Buzzing Enthusiasts 4-H Club, Project: Flight

2nd Place Intermediate Team (11-13) – Lizzie Derflinger and Winnie Hums from Maple Rey Milk & More 4-H Club, Project Elephant Toothpaste


1st Place Senior Individual (14 & up) – Paisley Besanko Jensen from Equine Club 4-H Club, Project: Mental Health Matters


1st Place Senior Team (14 & up) – Holly and Ingrid Erickson from Heritage Builders 4-H Club, Project: Pigeons: A Buried History

Checking Ohio’s Trees for Asian Longhorned Beetle is Essential: Checks Help Lift Firewood Restrictions at State Park Campground

ODA, USDA to host a press conference at East Fork State Park



REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (July 29, 2021) – Checking state trees for the invasive Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) is helping to lift quarantine restrictions of the campground area in East Fork State Park and is a necessary step in the overall ALB eradication process. The ALB quarantine could be lifted soon in the park’s campground and beyond, ending restrictions, such as moving firewood out of the campground. This milestone highlights the importance of checking trees and being on the lookout for the insect. Join the Ohio Department of Agriculture and USDA to highlight “Tree Check Month” and discuss how lifting the quarantine will affect campers and visitors to East Fork State Park.

ODA and USDA staff will be available to show where and how to check for signs of an ALB infestation in your trees. Video opportunities will be available as USDA Tree Climbers will show the inspection process in trees for signs of ALB along with ODA ground survey technicians.

Asian Longhorned Beetle Press Conference

Tuesday, August 3, 12:30 p.m.

East Fork State Park Campground
2837 Old State Route 32, Batavia, OH 45103
Please meet at the Loop C pavilion next to the Nature Center.

Courtney Fulks, ODA ALB Program Agriculture Inspection Manager
Phil Baldauf, USDA ALB Eradication Program Director
ODA Ground Survey Technicians
USDA Tree Climbers

ALB was first discovered in Clermont County in June 2011. It is an invasive wood-boring beetle that attacks 12 types of hardwood trees in Ohio, such as maple, elm, birch, willow, and Ohio’s official state tree, the buckeye. The beetle creates tunnels as it feeds then chews its way out as an adult in the warmer months, typically with emergence peaking in August. Infested trees do not recover, eventually die, and can become safety hazards since their weakened branches can drop and trees can fall over, especially during storms. Learn more about ALB here.

Time is Marching On: DUNF, Ractopomine and Jr. Fair forms due by July 23rd at NOON

All forms are to be completed by NOON on Friday, July 23rd.

It is that time! The Clermont County Fair is almost here and preparations are in full swing at the fairgrounds, with the Ag Society (Senior and Junior) and at OSU Extension.


Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF), Ractopamine Affidavit, and Junior Fair Standards of Behavior are available to be completed. All forms are to be completed by NOON on Friday, July 23rd.


Exhibitors in the following categories must complete one per animal except for pens of chickens, 1 form for the pen.

Market Beef (Steer or Heifer)
Feeder Heifer
Dairy Cow (not heifers)
Feeder Steer
Market Barrow
Market Gilt
Dairy Market Goat
Market Goat
Meat Pen Chickens (ID Number, A’s)
Market Turkey (use NA for your tag #)
Market Lamb
Broiler Chicken (ID Number, B’s)
Dairy Goat (all ages)


Ractopamine Affidavit and Sale Committee Statement for Hogs

Ractopamine is to be completed for all market hog exhibitors (barrow and gilt). One form per exhibitor. Included in this affidavit is a statement from the Sale Committee regarding hair length that also requires a signature.

1 form per exhibitor + 1 signature = 2 items completed in one

Ractopamine & Sale Committee Statement for hog projects link

Junior Fair Standards of Behavior

This form is to be completed by all Clermont County Junior Fair participants in 4-H & FFA, consultants, and volunteers.


***Please note that there are no feed verification forms that are to be completed this year for ruminant animals. 

All forms are to be completed by NOON on Friday, July 23rd.

The 4-H Outpost Needs You!

There are still several open shift in the 4-H Outpost.  If your club has already signed up for a shift – thank you, we couldn’t do it without you!  If your club has not signed up or if your club is able to take a second shift, please consider helping out.  As a reminder the 4-H Outpost is the only fundraiser for the 4-H Committee.  All of the funds are used to support the local 4-H program through state and national camp/trip scholarships, county camperships, the Jerry Krebs Honorary Scholarship, project awards, programming efforts, and more!

Also, if you are interested in being a grill master in the Outpost for a week, a day, or a shift, please contact Sharon Francis at 513-332-4897, to make arrangements.  Grill masters must be at least 18 years of age.

4-H Outpost Sign-Up

Livestock Arrival and Dismissal Instructions

Friday, July 23, 6pm to 11pm
All cattle, all sheep and market goats and meat breeding does arrive
Saturday, July 24, 7am to 10am
All Dairy goats and fiber animals arrive
Saturday,July 24, 7am to 9am
Market poultry arrive
Saturday, July 24, 9am to 11am
Exhibition poultry arrive
Saturday, July 24, 11am to 1pm
All rabbits arrive
Saturday, July 24, 6pm to 11pm
All hogs arrive
Sunday, July 25, before 11am or after 4pm
All Horses arrive
Clermont County Junior Fair Livestock exit options are as follows:
  • Hogs – due to the recommended 72 hours or less on the ground from the State Vet, hogs may leave one hour after Tuesday or Thursday’s show. You need to make arrangements with Kim or Jerry Hill.
  • All other livestock not selling in Saturday’s auction – may leave between 8-10:00am on Friday. These MUST be loaded out the back gates. NO ONE will be permitted to drive through the fairgrounds.
  • All other livestock selling in Saturday’s auction – may leave Sunday between 1:00am and 10:00am.

4-H Style Revue and Winners’ Circle Reminder

All members who participated in clothing and textiles project judging are invited to the 4-H Style Revue.  The 4-H Style Revue is a recognition ceremony where members model their constructed projects and project placings and state fair delegates are announced.  The 4-H Style Revue will be held on Saturday, July 24 at 1:00 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Building, located on the Clermont County Fairgrounds.  Participants should wear their constructed garment along with any other items to complete your total look.  Be sure to bring extra clothes, as garments will be collected immediately following the 4-H Style Revue to exhibit in the 4-H Hall during fair week.

Winners’ Circle is a recognition ceremony for members who participated in General Project Judging (except clothing and textiles projects, those awards are announced during the 4-H Style Revue).  Project placings and state fair delegates will be announced.  The Winners’ Circle ceremony will be held on Saturday, July 24 at 2:30 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Building.

We invite all club members and their families to attend the 4-H Style Revue and Winners’ Circle!