Complete QA at Ohio 4-H Conference

With more than 80 sessions over three days, volunteers and teens will get great ideas and activities for this year. If you need to complete QA training, this is a great opportunity to do so (Session 7) see details below.

Register today!   Hurry, registration closes at 5:00pm TODAY!

QA SESSION 7: 2:20-2:55pm

701   2021 Quality Assurance Youth Training (double session) Teens
Quality Assurance training is an annual requirement for youth livestock exhibitors to
complete in order to exhibit their projects at their county or at the state fair. This
session will go through a full Quality Assurance training. If teens attend this session
they will have completed their training for 2021 and receive a certificate of completion
to exhibit to their county professional. Limited to 40 participants. Presenters: Andrea
Rees & Elizabeth Share-Dulin

YQCA Online Certification – Flash Sale!


In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the YQCA Board is announcing a 25% flash sale on the web based certification. Here is how to take advantage of this opportunity.

1. Only offered during the month of April (April 1 – April 30), YQCA will be offering a 25% discount on web-based trainings, making them $9.

  • a. Those wishing to take part in the flash sale will need to purchase $9 web-based training coupons from YQCA. Coupon order forms are attached to this message or may be obtained by emailing THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNTED PRICE.
  • b. Once the order form and proof of payment is received, coupons will be issued and returned to the purchaser within 3-5 business days.
  • c. Coupons MUST be put towards a web-based training in the month of April.

2. Youth who have already paid for a YQCA instructor-led training (on a date that has not yet passed), may log into their account and cancel their registration.

  • a. If payment was received via credit card, their payment will be refunded.
  • b. If payment was received via coupon code, that coupon code will be active again. This coupon code does not expire and would be able to be used in future years.
  • c. To cancel a registered training
    • 1. Go to and login to the account.
    • 2. Select the course – you will have an option to “Cancel Registration”. This will cancel the training and refund the payment/re-activate the coupon code.

We recognize members who have typically utilized the instructor-led training option may be unfamiliar with what they receive with their registration fee.  See below:

  • Each session purchased includes three modules – a knowledge builder, a skills lab, and a quiz.
    • The knowledge builder is where content is delivered, the skills lab provides an opportunity to apply the content, and the quiz tests knowledge. To receive a certification, an 80% must be achieved on the 10-question quiz.
    • These modules, completed in their entirety, will provide 2-3 hours of an experience for users.
  • Features of the online modules include:
    • Characters at each age level to guide youth through the course
    • Free navigation within the course so youth can spend as much or as little time on a particular topic based upon their personal needs
    • Variety of learning opportunities to accommodate various learning styles and modalities
    • Audio button on each slide so youth can listen to audio rather than read the on-screen text
  • Users may revisit modules anytime during their year of certification to repeat the modules purchased for additional learning opportunities.


Getting Your YQCA Online Certification – Creating and Logging into a YQCA Account

Online QA Option


New QA Exceptions for 2020 ONLY:

  • YQCA can be taken online
  • The age range has been extended to include youth 8-18
    • $12 for each youth
    • INSTRUCTIONS for youth to utilize online YQCA
    • YQCA is the only online option approved by the Ohio Department of Agriculture
    • After you complete the course, send your Certificate Number to

All QA Training sessions originally scheduled for April have been cancelled. As of now, we still plan to offer in-person QA Training after the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions have been lifted.  Future make-up dates/locations are still TBD.


Quality Assurance and Horse Safety & Ethics Training

4-H and FFA members who are planning to exhibit a food quality animal for the 2020 Clermont County Fair must participate in Assuring Quality Care for Animals (a.k.a. QA Training).

The following animals MUST attend AQCA training each year, unless they have completed and passed the test out option:

  • market steers/heifers
  • feeder calves
  • lactating dairy goats
  • lactating dairy cattle
  • market lambs
  • market hogs
  • market goats
  • market poultry
  • meat rabbits

All exhibitors needing AQCA training must have it completed by June 1st of the current year to be eligible to show and sell at the county and state fair.  Exhibitors who attend a training in another county are responsible for submitting their paperwork to OSU Extension – Clermont County by June 1st.  FFA members may meet the qualification through their Agriculture Education coursework. FFA Advisers must turn in a list of those who completed by June 1st to OSU Extension – Clermont County. This includes neighboring county Ag Ed/FFA programs too.

4-H and FFA members who are planning to exhibit an equine project for the first time (regardless of age) must participate in Horse Safety and Ethics.

Click for a list of 2020 Clermont QA Dates: local and state-wide events that meet the Quality Assurance requirements.

Horse Safety and Ethics will be offered:

Thursday, April 2, Felicity High School, 5:00pm

Monday, April 6, Grant Career Center, 5:00pm

Saturday, April 25, Clermont County Fairgrounds – 4-H Hall, 10:00am

If you have questions, please call the Extension Office at 513-732-7070.