Start Your Own Seeds for a Heart Healthy 2020 Harvest

Seed starting is an important tool in the toolbox of every backyard grower, community gardener and urban farmer. If you start your own seeds you get to grow anything in the seed catalog in any season you wish. Check out this seed starting video below to learn the basics of starting your own seeds at home.




CLICK HERE for more information about maintaining a healthy heart by increasing red fruit and vegetable intake.



DWD: Peppers 3 Ways!

In the second class of the four part series, Dining with Diabetes (DWD) participants enjoyed a menu of Garden Stuffed Peppers, Cucumber & Red Onion Salad, Fruit Tarts and Infused Water.  The Garden Stuffed Peppers were prepared three different ways, and participants compared the carbohydrate content of each. The ingredients for all three recipes were identical with the exception of one cup of filler: riced cauliflower, lentils and brown rice.  Participants enjoyed each variety and were shocked by the difference and deliciousness of all three.

Eat Well to Live Well

Dining with Diabetes (DWD), a cooking school and nutrition education program designed for people with diabetes and their family members or caregivers, got off to a great start!

In the first class of a four part series, participants discussed the struggles of living with diabetes and shared their goals for the series.  They enjoyed a menu of grilled salmon with raspberry vinaigrette, peach & berry crisp and infused water, and left with recipes and the confidence to prepare the menu for their family and friends.

Each DWD class includes sampling healthy foods and discussion with Certafied Diabetic Educator, Robert Westbrook.

Join the “Super Powers for a Super You!” Wellness Challenge Now!

Challenge Dates: April 9 – May 21, 2018

Two weekly e-mails will be sent directly to you from your local OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Professional.

Participants will learn about:

  • Your Super Strengths
  • Super Foods
  • Healthy Ways to Slay the Villains that Distract You
  • Tips for Adding Activity into your Routine
  • Refocus on Your Wellness Goals
  • Mindfulness
  • Power Fitness Focus
  • Overcoming Setbacks

What does it cost? Nothing – it is free!

Who can participate? Any adult with an email account.

How do I sign up? Go to

Registration will close on April 9, 2018.

Sponsored by Ohio State University Extension.

Take the pain out of work!

Work a pain in the back? Check your desk!

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker. Environmental Health & Safety has implemented an ergonomics program to focus on the prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders associated with repetitive job duties. In this edition of the Environmental Health & Safety Brief, learn tips to make your workstation more ergonomic friendly.  Click here for more

Join the Spring Wellness Challenge!

The 2017 Spring Wellness Challenge by Ohio State University Extension’s Live Healthy Live Well Program is a FREE six week on-line email experience designed to help participants improve their health by encouraging physical activity, enjoying healthy foods, and practicing healthy lifestyle suggestions. Now’s the time to wake up and spring forward into a new routine!

Those who sign up will receive two weekly e-communications from Ohio State University Extension containing science-based nutrition, health and wellness tips.  Tracking logs will be available for download to help participants record their progress.  A pre- and post-online survey will gather comments to improve future challenges and provide information about participants’ health progress. All data collected will be kept confidential.

Participants will be encouraged to “Spring Forward 4 Health!” by practicing healthy lifestyle behaviors. Does this sound like fun? If you are interested in joining this FREE on-line challenge, register by going to this sign-up link:

Once you register, you will begin receiving e-communications starting in early April.  The Challenge lasts from April 10 to May 22, 2017. If you have questions, please feel free to contact your OSU Extension Educator, Margaret Jenkins in Clermont County, at or call 513-732-7070.