Clermont County Food Preservation Workshops

Clermont County Food Preservation classes are in full swing this year. Last week’s workshop allowed attendees to make water bath salsa. Vegetables used to make the salsa were provided by the Clermont County Master Gardeners Demonstration Gardens and consisted of onions and peppers of all varieties. Workshops take place on the fairgrounds, located in the 4-H hall kitchen, and are hosted and taught by OSU Extension Clermont County’s Family Consumer Science Educator, Margaret Jenkins. Be on the lookout for future Food Preservation Workshop Dates. To register for a Food Preservation Workshop use the registration link below. For questions about future workshops or food preservation contact: Margaret Jenkins, Clermont County FCS Educator, or 513-732-7070.

Food Preservation Workshop Registration 

Clermont County EC3 Play Learn Grow Group

Our SNAP-Ed team (L to R: Allison Ostrander, Sara Niekamp , and Becky Fiscus)  spent their time this morning hanging out at the EC3 (Early Childhood Coordinating Committee)  Play Learn Grow event. The event took place at Clermont Northeastern Headstart, located in Owensville. The team passed out educational materials on nutrition and youth activities. They also had the opportunity to speak to parents and children about nutrition and educational learning.

Summertime Food Safety

Now that we are in the Summer months, we all have more opportunities to enjoy being outside. But the warm weather also brings more opportunities for food to become contaminated with harmful bacteria. To protect you and your loved ones from foodborne illness, it is critical to practice safe food handling.  Check out the following simple guidelines to ensure you are doing all you can to keep everyone healthy.

  • Keep your cold food cold- Make sure your cold food is packed in a cooler with plenty of ice or ice packs. Consider organizing your cold foods and drinks into different coolers. Keeping drinks separate from food, will ensure the food is not exposed to warm temperatures each time someone opens a cooler to get a new drink.
  • Do not cross contaminate your foods– Keep raw meat, seafood, and poultry securely wrapped and store them towards the bottom of the cooler. This will keep their juices from contaminating prepared/cooked foods that are being stored in the cooler.
  • Clean your produce- rinse your fresh fruits and vegetables under running tap water before packing them in the cooler. Packaged fruits and vegetables that are labeled “ready-to-eat” do not need to be rinsed.
  • Outdoor hand cleaning– Whenever possible always use warm water and soap to wash your hands. When handwashing is not possible, use hand sanitizer or hand wipes.
  • Cook your food thoroughly– When cooking or grilling use a food thermometer to make sure your food is cooked to the proper temperature. Use the “is it done yet?” picture from the USDA to know what the proper internal temperature is for different types of meat, poultry, and fish.

Food Preservation Workshops

It is time for the annual Clermont County Food Preservation Workshops.

  • June 24th at 10:00 AM will cover Water Bath Canning Berries
  • July 15th at 5:00 PM will cover Pressure Canning Harvested Veggies
  • August 24th at 5:00 PM will cover Tomato Products
  • September 15th at 10:00 AM will cover Tomato Sauce

Workshops REQUIRE pre-registration and are limited to 6 people per workshop.

The deadline to register for the first workshop on June 24th is Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

Cost: $40 per workshop

Location: Clermont County Fairgrounds, 1000 Locust Street, Owensville, Ohio 45106, Located in the 4-H Hall kitchen.

Please see below for a link to registration and a workshop flyer.




New Richmond Schools’ Traveling Lunch Bus

A “lunch bus” will deliver meals to children in Clermont County’s New Richmond Exempted Village School District this summer, officials said. It’s the first bus of its kind in the county.

New Richmond typically distributes 300 to 500 meals per week during the summer months, according to a news release from the district. Officials anticipate that number to increase with the Traveling Lions Lunch Bus.

The Clermont County school district serves more than 2,300 students in the village of New Richmond, the village of Moscow, Monroe Township, Ohio Township, Pierce Township, Tate Township and Washington Township, according to its website. About 40% of the district’s students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Read more about the New Richmond Schools’ Traveling Lunch Bus from Madeline Mitchell’s Cincinnati Enquirer article HERE.

Simple Snack for the Whole Family!

Check out this simple recipe that the whole family can help make!  This Trail Mix is filled with whole grains, protein and fruit!  For more recipes that your entire family can enjoy, check out

Kitchen Activities for Kids!

Get your preschooler to try new foods by having them help in the kitchen.  Check out these tips for helping your kids to feel good about doing something “grown-up.”

For additional information on this topic and more, check out

Southern Ohio Farm Show

In this week’s episode of the Southern Ohio Farm Show, we have an updated weather outlook with Dr. Aaron Wilson, and tax and succession planning with Richard Purdin. Tune in next week for another new episode!


2021 Take the Leap Year Program

Take the Leap Year is a teen-led, five-month, free program available to Ohio 4-H Teens ages 13-18.  The goal is to help teens from Ohio gain leadership skills, career development skills, and learn how to establish and maintain goals. They will learn these skills through programming, journaling, and working with their peers.

Registration is now open at and due January 24, 2021.

More information about the program:

Meetings will be held virtually on the third Wednesday of each month from February-May. There will be two meetings in June, with one on the second Wednesday of the month and on the fourth Wednesday. These workshops will be held in the evening. Each session will have different themes taught by teen leaders. Prior to beginning in February, registered participants will receive a package in the mail with supplies for the program.


Plans with the corresponding month:

  • February: This meeting will be an introduction to the program. Throughout the program, we are challenging teens to pick one word to apply to all aspects of their life. This word can help them reach their goals.
  • March: Working with teens to develop a 5-year plan to help them determine what they would like to accomplish in the near future.
  • April: Teens will learn professionalism skills that will benefit them in their later careers. They will learn about resume building, elevator pitches, business cards, and much more!
  • May: Participants will learn about state opportunities within the Ohio 4-H program.
  • June (2nd Wednesday): Q& A with 4-H alumni and the opportunity to learn about several career paths.
  • June (4th Wednesday): Closing Ceremony



Attend the Virtual National Youth Summit on Healthy Living

National 4-H Summit for Healthy Living: This year the National 4-H Summit for Healthy Living is going virtual!

Target audience: high-school age youth and adult participants

 Dates: February 12-15, 2021

Times: Friday 6-9pm; Saturday 1-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm; Monday 12-3pm

Cost: An Ohio 4-H Foundation grant will cover your $75 registration cost, with the following expectations:

  • Commit to attending the summit
  • After the summit, work with your 4-H Educator to identify a health need in your community and create and complete an action plan to address this need.
  • We will also plan to have times when Ohio participants can meet virtually after the Summit for additional educational sessions and sharing.

If you are interested in attending email Brandy at by noon THIS Thursday, January 28.

Other information

Participants will receive a follow-up email to select one track; they will remain in this track throughout the summit (that is, select workshops from that track). There are choices of workshops within the track.


  • Food Insecurity
  • Health Equity
  • Physical Fitness
  • Substance Abuse
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Adult Track for professional development