Winter Gardening Classes in Clermont County

The OSU Extension Clermont County Master Gardener Volunteers (MGV) are out and about this winter conducting horticulture education classes for the public at the county libraries and civic centers. And for those who happen to be members of community garden clubs, they might be stopping in to visit your meeting too. MGV’s are an outreach arm of the OSU Extension Clermont County Office and volunteer their time, education and talents to educating the Clermont community about multiple facets of horticulture education.

The public classes are open to anyone who has an interest or enthusiasm for learning about horticulture, gardening, pest management and more. Please contact the host location to register for the upcoming programs. 

Feb. 10 Monday 7pm

  • Soil: Test, Prep & Mulch
  • Miami Township Civic Center

Feb. 26 Wednesday 7pm

  • Tuscany & Barcelona
  • Miami Township Civic Center

Mar. 7 Saturday 2pm

  • Seed Starting
  • New Richmond Library

Mar. 11 Wednesday 7pm

  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
  • Miami Township Civic Center

Mar. 14 Saturday 10am

  • Soils
  • Bethel Library

Mar. 21 Saturday 1pm

  • Animal Deterrents
  • Clermont Library–Buckwheat Road

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