2024 General Project Judging Registration

General Project Judging registration is now available!

General Project Judging consists of a one-on-one interview with a project judge.  Members will have 15 minutes to share their 4-H project with a judge, answer a few questions and receive feedback regarding his/her project.  Those who participate in General Project judging have an opportunity to receive awards for placing 1st – 5th and be selected to represent Clermont County at the Ohio State Fair.

There are two different links to register; one link is for projects being judged on Tuesday, July 9th and the other link is for projects being judged on Wednesday, July 10th . You will need to fill out the survey separately for each project you are bringing to pre-fair project judging.  Do not select the same time for more than one project and be sure to give yourself 15 minutes between interviews.

Please use the links below to register for General Project Judging on Tuesday, July 9th and Wednesday, July 10th:

REGISTRATION for Tuesday, July 9th

  • About 4-H
  • Animal Sciences
  • Career Exploration
  • Communication
  • Home Living
  • Leadership and Citizenship
  • Money Management
  • Natural Resources
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • Self-Determined

REGISTRATION for Wednesday, July 10th

  • Clothing and Textile Science
  • Creative and Leisure Arts
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Healthy Living

**The only projects that will be pre-judged are clothing & textile projects (including projects that do not require sewing), You Can Quilt!, Quilting the Best Better, and the Writer in You. These projects must be turned into the Extension Office by 11:00a.m. on Wednesday, July 10, for pre-judging. In order to keep track of entries, the member’s full name, club and class name should appear on the cover page. The member’s last name and page number should appear on the bottom right corner of each page.

Please bring clothing and textile projects to pre-judging, covered with a clear plastic bag (you can get these from a dry cleaner).  Attach a 5” x 5” swatch of the fabric, pattern, a 4” x 6” index card with your first and last name, age, project title and club name as well as a  photo of you in your garment to the outside of the bag. Your Style Revue Narration is also due this day.

4-H Communications Contest Registration

Do you enjoy public speaking or teaching others? Put your skills to into action and enter the Clermont County 4-H Communications Contest! The 4-H Communications Contest will be held on Monday, July 15, starting at 10 a.m., in the 4-H Hall. Please note the date change for this contest. This change was made to accommodate fair schedule changes and to meet the state fair deadline. All 4-H members are invited to present a demonstration/illustrated talk or submit an entry for the marketing division. The deadline to register is Monday, July 8.

Communications Contest Registration

Cultivating Young Minds: OSU Extension Inspires 3rd Graders on Agriculture Day at Seipelt Elementary

In today’s fast-paced digital age, where screens often dominate young minds, fostering a connection with the natural world and understanding the role that agriculture plays in our everyday lives is more crucial than ever. Recognizing this, Seipelt Elementary teacher, Christa Burbage, hosted an event called Third Grade Ag Day, aimed at educating third-grade students about the importance of agriculture and sustainability. At the heart of this initiative was the invaluable support and programming provided by various volunteers and organizations throughout Clermont County, including Ohio State University (OSU) Extension.

On Ag Day, the school buzzed with excitement as students eagerly participated in various hands-on activities and stations centered around agriculture and its significance in our daily lives. OSU Extension delivered three engaging programs designed to ignite curiosity and appreciation for 4-H and the agricultural world.

Students participated in an interactive session on plant life cycles and gardening basics. Under the guidance of 4-H/FCS Educator Kelly Royalty, students rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty, planting seeds and learning about the journey from seed to harvest. Witnessing the wonder on their faces as they nurtured tiny seeds into potential bountiful plants was a testament to the power of experiential learning.

Ag and Natural Resources Educator Gigi Neal led another captivating station that delved into the fascinating world of insects as pollinators and non-native friends. Students played a game called “Is it a bee or a wasp?” where they discovered the crucial role these tiny creatures play in our food system. Through engaging demonstrations and informative discussions, they gained a deeper understanding of the delicate balance between pollinators and agriculture, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts. The USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Services provided an educational lesson and activity about the Asian long-horned beetle, which they completed in class.

Furthermore, 4-H Educator Amber Kassay engaged students in learning about what the 4-H organization has to offer. She highlighted the diverse opportunities available through 4-H, such as hands-on learning, leadership development, skill building, career exploration, inclusivity and diversity, community engagement, recognition and awards, and most importantly, friendships and fun. She was able to show students how their participation in 4-H aligns with their interests and goals.

Beyond the educational aspect, Agriculture Day at Seipelt Elementary was a celebration of community collaboration. By partnering with OSU Extension, Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District, CNE FFA, and local farmers and producers, the school not only provided enriching experiences for its students but also strengthened ties with the local agricultural community. Through these partnerships, students gained insights into potential career paths and the diverse opportunities available within the field of agriculture.

As the day drew to a close, it was evident that Agriculture Day had left a lasting impression on the young minds of the students at Seipelt Elementary. Armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, students departed with a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the vital role agriculture plays in sustaining life. Events like Ag Day continue to sow the seeds of curiosity and cultivate a generation passionate about the future of food and farming.

Clermont County 4-H

We strive to make 4-H accessible to all youth in Clermont County. Accommodations can be made for youth with disabilities utilizing our Winning 4-H Plan. This form must be completed by the member’s parent/guardian and submitted to their county 4-H professional. Your 4-H professional will contact the parent/guardian to arrange a meeting to discuss the request in more detail. To make an accommodation request, complete the Winnng 4-H Plan Request Form (link below).  Email your plans to Kelly Royalty at royalty.9@osu.edu.  ALL plans must be received by June 15.

Winning 4-H Plan Request Form

Join Us in Welcoming Amber Kassay!

Hello, my name is Amber Kassay, and I’ve recently taken on the 4-H Youth Development Educator role in Clermont County. I grew up on a small dairy operation in Northeast Ohio and was a 13-year 4-H member in Trumbull County. While in 4-H, I exhibited Guernsey cattle and a horse project and attended 4-H Camp Whitewood almost every summer. Although I loved all aspects of my 4-H career, I was especially drawn to the dairy industry and have been involved with Guernsey’s at the county, state, and national levels. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to attend many National Guernsey Conventions, where I broadened my connections to the breed I love.

Through 4-H, I developed a passion for agriculture, ultimately leading to pursuing a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications at The Ohio State University. During that time, I had the excellent opportunity to become an intern at the Mahoning County Extension Office over the duration of two summers, where my desire for youth development and community involvement flourished. I aided in all aspects of the office and cultivated my understanding of Extension’s impact in its area. For that experience, I will forever be grateful.

Since then, I’ve continued to grow my knowledge in Extension Education and look forward to positively impacting Clermont County. Although I’ve just started, I can already tell we have a wonderful group here and have a common desire to better our program year-to-year. I’m excited to bring my expertise to Clermont County and plan on being an effective role model in the community. I plan on soaking in a lot of knowledge in the upcoming months to understand the county dynamic better and collaborating with other Educators to create a course of action that will make Clermont County thrive!

I look forward to meeting and chatting with you all, as I’m excited to take on this new adventure.

2024 Club Packet

Below are the links to all of the forms included in the club packet. All forms should be completed by the 4-H Club head advisors and are due to the Extension Office (or emailed to burdsall.9@osu.edu) by 4:00 p.m. on March 1.

2024 Club List DUE: January 31
Please verify that the information listed for your club is accurate. Thank you to those who have already responded to her email! Please contact Meghan Burdsall (burdsall.9@osu.edu) with edits.

Club Packet Contents – DUE: March 1
Annual Financial Summary (online version or printable version)

4-H Club Charter Checklist

4-H Meeting Calendar

Equipment Inventory

Proof of Insurance -Policy Flyer

Proof of Insurance -Policy Application

Additional Helpful Forms

4-H Project Book Order Form
We keep an inventory of 4-H project books in the office.  If we need to order books, orders are placed on Friday afternoons.

Winning 4-H Plan
Request for accommodations due to the Extension Office by May 1.

Club Fundraiser Request
Fundraiser requests are due 45 days prior to the event and must be approved by the Clermont County 4-H Committee.  The 4-H Committee meets the second Monday of each month.

Club Transfer Form
Requests are due by March 1.

Across County Lines Policy and Request Form
Requests for 4-H Membership Across County Lines are due by February 15.

4-H Enrollment – Deadline: March 15

Instructions for returning 4-H members

Instructions for returning 4-H volunteers

Instructions for new 4-H members

As a reminder, it is very important that returning members and volunteers do not create a new profile in 4-H Online.  If they have trouble registering, please contact the office at 513-732-7070.

2024 Campership Application

The Clermont County 4-H Committee is offering “camperships” (camp scholarships), to Clermont County 4-H members to attend Clermont/Hamilton County 4-H Camp.  Camperships are awarded for up to 50% of the base registration fee.  Camp will be held June 12-15, at 4-H Camp Graham, located in Clarksville, Ohio and is open to all youth, ages 8 – 14 (as of January 1).  Applications are due to the Extension Office by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 1.  Click the link below for more details on how to apply!

2024 4-H Campership Application

Ohio 4-H Youth Development at Nationwide Arena

The Ohio 4-H Foundation is collaborating with the Columbus Blue Jackets again in 2024 to raise money for Ohio 4-H! A block of seats is reserved in the upper bowl (section 204) during the Feb. 23 game against the Buffalo Sabres, and a portion of each ticket sale will come back to the 4-H program to support positive youth development.

Purchase your tickets at www.bluejackets.com/4-h!

Ohio 4-H Spark EXPO Returns in June

From June 12-15, teens at the Spark EXPO will learn about agriculture and related STEAM fields from industry experts, and faculty and staff of the Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES). Open to all Ohio students who have completed the eighth grade or ninth grade at the conclusion of the 2023-2024 school year. Participants do not need to be enrolled in the 4-H program. The event includes on-campus accommodations, meals, program materials, and transportation. Supervision is provided by adult program staff.

As part of Spark EXPO, students visit Ohio State’s Columbus and Wooster campuses and learn from Ohio State students, teachers, scientists, and researchers. Students explore careers, hear from Ohio 4-H alumni who share their career stories, and learn about the college and career-readiness program: Ohio 4-H Pathways to the Future.

Parents will have the opportunity on the final day of Spark to meet the CFAES admissions team and learn how to better prepare their students for their post-high school education and careers. Parents and students can find more information here or by contacting Margo Overholt-Seckel, program manager, Ohio 4-H Workforce Development & Pathways at overholt-seckel.1@osu.edu.

The deadline to register is April 17, and details are at go.osu.edu/4hsparkexpo.