Postdoc Reading Club

In the summer and fall, OPA facilitates a reading club designed to deepen postdocs’ knowledge of topics relevant to their professional lives . Check back on this page to see updates on upcoming selections.

For each book, participants meet 8-10 times, and each participant facilitates 1-2 sessions.


  • All participants need to read the assigned chapter(s) every week and come prepared to actively take part in the discussion.
  • Each week, one of the participants will be responsible for moderating the discussion. The moderator needs to have thoroughly read the assigned chapter(s) for the week and come prepared to engage others in discussion, raise relevant questions and synthesize the main points/takeaways of the chapter.
  • Each person will need to serve as moderator once or twice depending on the number of participants.
  • The moderator will be responsible for taking attendance and reporting it to the OPA

Upcoming Book Club

The PhD Career Coaching Guide: Job Search Strategies, Interview Techniques and Life Lessons for Achieving Success

Past Book Clubs

Autumn 2019 Reading Club: Lab Dynamics

Summer 2019 Reading Club: Getting Familiar with the US Academic System