Funding and Eligibility


Awards will provide salary support, benefits (including health insurance) and $5,000 for research-related and travel expenses. Each award is for two years and the second year will be released upon demonstration of academic/research productivity and career development progression (as evidenced by successful implementation of a mentoring plan).

Awardees must be appointed as post doctoral scholars (job code 8806) with a minimum salary of $50,000 per year and a university A&P benefit rate.

Each year:

  • The Office of the President will provide $41,600 to be used towards the salary and benefits and an additional $5,000 is provided to the PPSP scholar to support their research activities during the year.
  • The sponsor college, hiring unit, and/or faculty mentor must guarantee to cover the remaining balance of the salary and benefits. With FY24 benefit rates for A&P staff (35.6%), and a minimum salary of $50,000, this amount that must be covered is $26,200.

Please make sure to discuss the funding plan with your college liaison before submitting the form of intent.

Eligibility Criteria