Find Faculty

The following resources can help you find researchers at Ohio State:


EngageOSU is an online portal into the research portfolio of the Ohio State University. It enables users to search the entire scope of our research experts. EngageOSU provides profiles on all faculty and researchers so that industry leaders, community partners, students, and faculty can easily explore the breadth of research expertise at the university. The portal covers research in all fields – including the life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, humanities, and the liberal arts – and covers all Ohio State campuses.

Ohio Innovation Exchange

The Ohio Innovation Exchange is a new initiative developed jointly by four major Ohio universities – Case Western Reserve University, Ohio University, The Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati – with sponsorship from the Ohio Department of Higher Education and accompanied by strong industry support through the Ohio Manufacturing Institute. We are delighted to introduce this beta release that provides access to more than 8,250 faculty profiles and 200 resources from the four universities. The purpose of this beta release is to (i) highlight the work completed to date, (ii) demonstrate functionality to other Ohio-based university partners, and (iii) serve as a pre-RFP reference point for potential vendors. In subsequent releases, this innovative knowledge management framework will provide users with interactive tools to connect faculty, staff and students with industry in new information-driven ways. Contact the team to learn more.

Featured Mentors

A list to faculty members that have received high scores for the mentoring environment they provide is available. These are based on their submissions to the President’s Postdoctoral Scholar Program.