Conference and Travel Funding

Do you plan on attending a conference? Is there an out-of-state training you’re interested in? Do you need external funding to help cover travel costs?

Consider the following:

  1. Does the conference you plan to attend offer travel awards?
  2. Does your college have staff professional development awards?
    1. College of Arts and Sciences 
    2. College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
  3. The University has Staff Career Development Grants. Applications are accepted twice a year, in January and July.
  4. The Women’s Place has Staff Career Development Grants as well as Staff Manager Development Grants. For more details, visit their site here.
  5. The Ohio State University Postdoctoral Association (PDA)’s Travel and Professional Development Awards. They are offered in the spring and the fall in the amount of $500. For the timeline and how to apply, please visit their site here.