The National Postdoctoral Association

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is a fantastic resource for postdocs, offering guidance, events, and a community for postdocs to connect.  As a Sustaining Member of the NPA, postdoctoral scholars, faculty and administrators at Ohio State are entitled to free affiliate NPA memberships.

Why should you activate your membership? Some of the resources and benefits available to NPA members are as follows:

    • Member registration discounts to the Annual NPA Meeting
    • Subscriptions to the NPA email announcements and quarterly newsletter
    • Members-only content, such as the Institutional Postdoctoral Policies Database, the Postdoctoral Association (PDA) Toolkit, the International Postdoc Survival Guide, and the Sustaining Member
    • Toolkit.
    • Professional and leadership development resources
    • Networking opportunities

For instructions on signing up, click here.



The POSTDOCket is the NPA’s newsletter. It covers various news items, features, and articles of interest to the postdoctoral community. Individuals are allowed to reach out to the editor in chief to share story ideas/news items. Please note that members have access to the archive.

You can check out the recent issue of the POSTDOCket here.

The NPA Annual Conference

The NPA Annual Conference is the largest national conference and networking event dedicated to the postdoctoral community. Conference attendees – postdoctoral scholars, administrators, faculty, and representatives from disciplinary societies, industry, and corporations – are provided with the opportunity to gather, network, and enhance their professional development and leadership skills.

If you want to learn more about the Annual Conference, you can look at the programs from the previous years here.

→ Travel Awards for the Annual Conference

The OPA sponsors a number of travel awards for Ohio State postdocs to attend the Annual Conference, in addition to the travel awards that the NPA sponsors for the conference as well. Details are released as the dates approach.

The PDA also sponsors a number of travel awards for postdocs to apply towards conference travel. More information and timelines can be found here.