International Postdocs

Going in With Your Eyes Open: What to Ask Before Accepting a U.S. Postdoctoral Position (PDF)

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is an important resource for international postdocs. OIA handles immigration issues, helps new students and scholars acclimate to the university and the city, and coordinates programs for those coming from abroad to train at Ohio State. The International Scholars section of the OIA site provides helpful information about visas and life in the United States and on campus.

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is another helpful resource. Visit their International Postdoc section for a survival guide and news items.

Considerations for International Postdocs

Postdocs who are foreign nationals may want to review the materials posted in the Nonresident Aliens section of the Payroll Services site. Postdocs who are nonresident aliens for tax purposes (excluding permanent residents with green cards) must use Glacier software, which will determine the correct amount of federal tax to be withheld from their paychecks. An email with a password and information about Glacier should arrive two to three weeks after you begin your postdoctoral position. If you are a nonresident alien and you have not received Glacier information, please contact the Tax Office at It is important to establish a record in the Glacier system because you may qualify for the benefit of a tax treaty if one exists between your home country and the United States. More information about U.S. taxes is available from the Office of International Affairs.

Finding Funding Opportunities Available to International Postdocs

1. Go to our Fellowships page.

2. Under “External Postdoctoral Fellowships” look for fellowships marked with an asterisk *. International postdocs are allowed to apply for these. Make sure you thoroughly read the eligibility requirements for other fellowships.

3. Under “NPA Listings” click on the “Comprehensive List“. Filter by looking at the ‘Citizenship’ and ‘Other Details’ columns to see if you are eligible to apply for these fellowships.

New Postdoc Guide

The Postdoctoral Association (PDA) has a Postdoc Guide for new international postdoctoral scholars.  This guide contains important resources about Ohio State and the transition to life in Columbus, Ohio.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses for Postdocs


Postdocs at Ohio State main campus can visit the ESL Courses page for more information about the offered classes.


Postdocs at Wooster campus can participate in a weekly ESL class every Tuesday morning in Research Services Building at the Ohio Research and Development Center. The ESL class at Wooster is free of charge for international postdocs. Click here for details.

Tuition Assistance

More information can be found here.

Translation Services

University departments that offer the language of interest may have translation services or be able to provide information about local providers. Here’s a list of language departments on campus.