Microsoft Security Vulnerability

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has made us aware of critical security vulnerabilities identified by Microsoft. Our IT teams are working with OCIO to update affected university owned computers and devices. These efforts will happen automatically; no intervention is required on your part.

In the fast-moving world of information technology, hackers make careers out of exploiting vulnerabilities in software and hardware. Keeping devices such as your phone, laptop, and desktop computer up to date serve as best practices to combat against malicious software that can infect your machine and bring about loss of data, identity theft, or financial hardship. We encourage you to take this opportunity to make sure that your home and personally owned devices are up to date as well.

Details on this specific vulnerability for Windows 10 devices and some versions of Windows Server can be found here. To update personally owned systems running Windows 10:
1) Press the Windows Key on your keyboard
2) Type “Check for Updates” without quotes and hit enter
3) Click the box “Check for Updates” to download and install the latest operating system, and follow the on-screen instructions

Any questions about this vulnerability, please email Additionally, now is also a good time to remember to forward any suspicious / malicious messages to If you have specific security questions, please email

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