Workday Trainings

Training curriculums are currently in development in preparation of the Workday implementation. More information will be announced soon on this webpage. Training opportunities will begin in spring 2020, ahead of the summer 2020 implementation of Workday.

Workday – Staff Training
Staff fall into two categories: core users (HR, Finance, Supply Chain, and Payroll Professionals), and casual users (all others). The difference between the two is how much time and what transactions you may need to perform in Workday.

As a staff casual user, you can access everything needed as an employee related to your personal information, travel, spend authorizations, expenses, and purchasing.

  • Optional: 15-minute “Navigating in Workday” eLearning.
  • Frequent Travelers: “Spend Authorizations and Expenses” videos.
  • Purchasers: 1-hour  “The Purchasing Process in Workday” webinar
  • Additionally, you will have access to 30+ on-demand support resources including job aids and/or videos related to topics such as:
    • Updating your personal information
    • Updating your direct deposit and tax information.
    • Using time clocks.
    • Time tracking processes.
    • Updating your benefit elections.
    • Finding job postings and applying for internal jobs.

Training for HR, Finance, Payroll and Supply Chain professions will be offered in various formats including in person, self-paced eLearning and on-demand job aids. Individuals will participate in courses that align to their security role in the system. As a result, the duration of training will vary. More information regarding training for HR, Finance, Payroll, and Supply Chain professionals will be available soon.

If you questions on Workday, please contact one of the CFAES Enterprise Project Change Ambassadors.

Registration for Pelotonia 2020 opens on February 20! Join OSU Team Buckeye: CFAES Sustains Life

Pelotonia is an annual bike ride to raise money for cancer research. All proceeds from the event are donated to the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (The James). To date, Pelotonia has raised over $230 million for cancer research at Ohio State University. This year, the event will take place from August 7-9, 2020, however fundraising begins as soon as registration opens!

After registration launches at noon on Thursday, February 20th, make sure to join our college’s team. To register, go to their website and click on the appropriate registration (rider, virtual rider, volunteer, described below). To request to join our Peloton, you must select it (CFAES Sustains Life) from the drop-down during the registration process. Our team captain, Gary Pierzynski, will then accept your request to join the peloton. If you’re looking for a Peloton, check out the Pelotons page. Note, this page will not be live until February 20.

How can you get involved?
Can you ride a bike?
Riding in Pelotonia is an amazing experience. There are a variety of routes you can sign up for. The 25, 45, 55, 75, and 100-mile Riders will complete their routes on Saturday, while the 135, 155, 180, and 200-mile Riders will stay overnight at Kenyon College on Saturday and continue the second portion of their ride on Sunday of Pelotonia weekend. The 35-mile Riders will start and finish their route on Sunday.

Note, there is a $100 registration fee and there are minimum fundraising requirements for riders (ranging from $1,250-2,500 depending on the chosen ride). Student riders can join the student team, which has lower fundraising minimums. Additionally, those who need a bike can participate in OSU’s bike lease program (more details about this to come).

Can you volunteer?
Volunteers can participate in many activities ranging from pre-event activities, at the Opening Ceremony, at every start and finish location, every rest stop along the route on Saturday and Sunday, and for post-event activities. There are also options throughout the summer if you are unable to volunteer during event weekend. Fundraising is encouraged, however there are no fundraising requirements for volunteers.

Do you have a phone?
Virtual Riders are individuals who choose to participate in Pelotonia by only fundraising instead of riding or volunteering. There is no registration fee, however, there is a minimum fundraising commitment of $100. For more details, please see the Virtual Riders page which is located under “Fundraising: Virtual Riders” on the website.

Other ways to get involved
We will be organizing periodic fundraising events and sending out communications about our college’s team throughout the spring and summer. We are also planning to host an informational webinar for anyone interested in joining this year (details to come). Have questions? Read the online FAQ or contact Kayla Arnold.1065. You can also read more about Team Buckeye online.

Call for Proposals Spring 2020 Faculty Advisory Council and the Dean of CFAES Grant

Deadline: March 1, 2020

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) invites lecturers, clinical, assistant, associate and full professors (with a minimum 75% appointment for a 9 or 12-month period) to submit proposals for the 2020 FAC/CFAES grant competition. The objectives of this call for proposals are:

  1. To increase collaboration and a sense of community among the faculty within CFAES.
  2. To improve the working relationship between the Faculty Advisory Council and the faculty in CFAES.
  3. Provide funds to support projects that find it difficult to receive funding from other sources
  4. To promote the core values of CFAES in teaching, research and extension.


  • The general guidelines for the proposal will be the following:
    • PIs must be from faculty in CFAES and can be untenured or tenured faculty on tenure track positions, lecturers, clinical, research or professional practice faculty.
    • Tenure-track assistant professors with more than six years employment (pre-tenure) are ineligible to be PI, Co-PI or collaborator on a proposal.
    • PIs and Co-PIs must come from at least three departments in CFAES.
    • Proposals must address aspects of teaching, research and extension. At least two aspects would be acceptable. PIs should make a deliberate effort to balance the emphases between the chosen aspects.
    • Proposals must state how the funds will be used to benefit a wide distribution of faculty and students in CFAES and potential student in CFAES.
    • The duration of a funded project must be no longer than two years.
  • Faculty members listed as PIs or Co-PIs on projects approved for funding, are ineligible for funding on future projects for a period of two years after receiving such funds.
  • Proposals that focus mainly on pure research, extension or curriculum development alone or seek only to acquire or use technology (e.g., to purchase computers or other equipment) rather than explore its impact on broader college-wide issues, will not be considered.
  • Funded proposals are not allowed to support any faculty salary.

Typically, one or two proposals will be selected for awards ranging from $10,000 to $15,000. After the review process in the spring of a funding cycle, PIs will be notified of the outcome of the proposals by April 15th.  Funds will be available from May 1st. During the fall funding cycle, PIs will be notified by October 15th and funds will be available from November 1st.

Instructions and forms for submission of grant proposals can be found on the OARDC Seeds website. Details about the submission process will include the following:

  • All proposals should be submitted by 5pm on March 1, 2020 using the SEEDS grant submission portal on the website located at  The competition name to select from the drop-down options, once you enter the submission section, will be Fac. Grant. Website submission errors/questions should be directed to David Lohnes at
  • Proposals should be printed on 8.5-inch by 11-inch paper and submitted as a PDF file.
  • Proposals should be 12-point type size with 1-inch margins and single spaced.
  • Proposals should be no longer than 5 pages excluding the cover page, CVs and supporting letters.
  • A maximum of 4 supporting letters are allowed for each proposal.
  • Each CV submitted should not be longer than 4 pages in length.
  • All pages in the proposal should be numbered except the cover page, CVs and supporting letters.
  • All tables and figures must be included within the 5-page limit. Proposals over the page limit will not be considered for review.
  • The cover page is limited to one page and should show the name(s), campus addresses, emails, phone numbers and affiliates of all of the PIs, Co-PIs and collaborators, proposal title, start and end date of the project, amount of funds requested and a summary of the proposal consisting of not more than 250 words.
  • The proposals should be divided into the following sections:
    • Rationale and significance, to include the following:
      • A detailed explanation of how the proposal addresses a need within the CFAES
    • The approach, to include the following:
      • A detailed explanation of how the proposal meets the stated goals of this RFP
    • Budget narrative
    • Collaborative arrangement with PIs, Co-PIs and collaborators
    • The project timeline


  • The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) will select a proposal review committee annually to review proposals submitted for funding during a given school year. The committee will report to the FAC and make funding recommendations based on based on the objectives and selection criteria contained in the RFP.
  • Faculty members who are named on proposals as PIs or Co-PIs are ineligible to serve on the proposal review committee during a given funding cycle.
  • Faculty members who serve on the proposal review committee can only do so for a maximum of two consecutive one-year terms.
  • A faculty member who is serving as a member of the FAC is ineligible to be named as PI, Co-PI or collaborator on a proposal until he/she completes his/her term or resigns from the FAC.
  • Proposals that are late, incomplete or not prepared according to the guidelines will not be reviewed.
  • The review panel will evaluate proposals using the following criteria:
    • Does the proposal have potential to encourage new scholarly teams among faculty from diverse disciplines?
    • Has the proposal integrated at least two of the following themes – teaching, research or extension?
    • Would the deliverables of the proposal have a positive impact on a large number of faculty members and students in CFAES? This also includes potential students.
    • Are the objectives of the proposal measurable and achievable within the stated timeline?
    • Would the deliverables of the proposal have a positive impact on the Grand Challenge areas in CFAES?


  • Funds for successful proposals will be administered by the SEEDS Program Coordinator.
  • Funds will be monitored to ensure they are being used as presented to the FAC in the funded proposal.
  • Authorization to make changes to the approved project plans, budget and project timeline must be approved by the SEEDS Coordinator and the FAC.
  • An annual report will be due to the SEEDS Coordinator and the FAC on all funded proposals on a two-year timeline.
  • At the end of its timeline, a complete report on the deliverables of all funded proposals will be due to the SEEDS Coordinator and the FAC.
  • Any investigator with an outstanding annual or final report will be automatically disqualified from participating in future proposals until the reporting obligation is met.

CFAES Biometric Screenings Events on the Columbus Campus – March 25th and June 9th

Each year the Your Plan for Health (YP4H) program offers incentives when you annually complete a verified Biometric Screening and a Personal Health & Well-being Assessment (PHA).  Medical plan enrolled employees can reduce the cost of their medical contributions by $25 per month or by $40 per month if they and their enrolled spouse completes the PHA and biometric screening.

To help you Know Your Numbers and earn YP4H incentives, we would like to invite you to participate in one of two CFAES Human Resources and Staff Advisory Council sponsored Biometric Health Screening events.

Biometric Health Screening:A verified biometric screening can be completed in one of three ways:

On-Campus Screening Event
On March 25th and June 9th,  the OSU Health Plan’s (OSUHP) RN Health Promotion Specialist(s) will be in our department to complete complimentary biometric screenings*.  After completing an on-campus screening, OSUHP will provide verification to Virgin Pulse that you have completed a biometric screening.  See below for screening registration details.

On-Campus Biometric Screening Registration:
If you would like to register for the upcoming biometric health screening event in our department, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the registration portal here.
  2. Log in with your Ohio State credentials (last name.# and password)
  3. Click “Schedule Appointment or Class”
  4. Select “Biometric Health Screening” as the appointment type.
  5. In the “Appointment Code” box type in AA20   Do NOT copy and paste as this doesn’t always work to activate the code. 
  6. To search for an available time, click “Find Appointments or Classes”- This will show only the appointments available for this screening event.
  7. Complete registration to schedule the appointment.  If you experience any difficulty, please contact OSUHP Customer Service at 292-4700 with your Appointment Code.

Personal Health & Well-being Assessment (PHA)
Once you complete a verified Biometric Screening, you will need to complete the PHA.  The PHA is an online self-evaluation of your overall wellness and only takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Please note, that the values you obtain from a screening are not pre-populated in your PHA, you will need to self-enter your screening results.   Log in to Virgin Pulse to complete your PHA.

Verify Screening & PHA Completion
When your verified Biometric Screening and PHA have been processed, it will be reflected in your Virgin Pulse account.  Log in to your account and select the “REWARDS” tab.  When you see a green/white checkmark and date by the Screening and PHA activities, you have completed the requirements for this calendar year to receive the premium credit in 2021.

This screenshot represents a member account who has completed their 2020 PHA and Screening.

Privacy & Participation
Participation in YP4H biometric screenings, PHA and the incentive program is completely voluntary. To learn how your personal information is protected, please visit the Privacy Center.

*As a reminder, you are only eligible for one on campus screening per calendar year.   If you are unsure of when your last screening took place, please log in to LinktoHealth and click on the “Biometric Health Data” tab to view your history.


CFAES Human Resources and Staff Advisory Council

The Service Testing and Research Laboratory

STAR Lab is entering its 21st year of providing OSU researchers with laboratory analyses.

STAR Lab provides routine chemical analyses on a variety of different sample materials.  We run widely accepted analytical procedures on soils, plant tissues, waters and many other types of samples.  Our main focus is on the elemental analysis of samples for nutrients and minerals.  We offer complete elemental analysis of samples with our Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer and anion analysis by either Ion Chromatography or Flow Injection Analysis.  We can also analyze for Total Carbon and Nitrogen with our combustion analyzer.  Our mercury analyzer is capable of sub part per trillion determinations.

If you are interested in having research samples analyzed for any of the above mentioned criteria please visit our webpage at the address listed below.  You can find a complete list of all the analyses we provide and our current fees schedule on our website  Use the fee schedule to estimate future analysis costs for current projects or future proposals you may be considering.  Contact Sunjeong (Sunny) Park for a quote on specific analyses if you have any questions.

We would like a chance to extend our services to you or any research associates you may have at other universities or colleges.  Please feel free to contact Sunjeong (Sunny) Park, with any special analysis needs you may need completed.

American Heart Month and Go Red for Women


The Nation Goes Red in February

National Wear Red Day® – Friday, February 7, 2020

The first Friday of every February, which is designated as American Heart Month, the nation comes together, igniting a wave of red from coast to coast. This annual groundswell unites millions of people for a common goal: the eradication of heart disease and stroke.

Go Red for Women®

Go Red for Women® is the American Heart Association’s global initiative to end heart disease and stroke in women. Launched in 2004 to close the gap in awareness, Go Red quickly expanded into a worldwide movement dedicated to removing the barriers women face to achieving good health and wellbeing.

It’s no longer just about wearing red; it’s no longer just about sharing heart health facts. It’s about all women making a commitment to stand together with Go Red and taking charge of their own heart health as well as the health of those they can’t bear to live without. Making a commitment to your health isn’t something you have to do alone either, so grab a friend or a family member and make a Go Red Healthy Behavior Commitment today.

American Heart Month, a federally designated event, is an ideal time to remind Americans to focus on their hearts and encourage them to get their families, friends and communities involved. The first American Heart Month, which took place in February 1964, was proclaimed by President Lyndon B. Johnson via Proclamation 3566 on December 30, 1963. Congress, by joint resolution on that date, has requested the President to issue annually a proclamation designating February as American Heart Month.

While American Heart Month is a federally designated month in the United States, it’s important to realize that cardiovascular disease knows no borders. Learn more.




Waterman Information Sessions

Waterman Information Sessions – View Invitation
Curious about the changes taking place at the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory (Waterman)? Heard the name, but never visited? Interested in learning about the new technology in the Wittmeyer conference room? Come out (free parking) to one of four info sessions being held in February!

Content of these info sessions will focus on:
• Wittmeyer conference room – Training on the new audio/visual upgrades
• Future vision for Waterman, and anticipated timelines
• Forms, policies and procedures

Tuesday, February 11th, 10:00A.M.- 12:00 P.M.
Tuesday, February 11th, 1:00P.M.- 3:00 P.M.
Tuesday, February 25th, 10:00A.M.- 12:00 P.M.
Tuesday, February 25th, 1:00P.M.- 3:00 P.M.

Fill out this scheduling poll to indicate which session you plan to attend (MAX per session ~40 people).

Location: Wittmeyer conference room, Headquarters Building: 2490 Carmack Road, Columbus, Ohio 43210

For more info on the information session, contact: Andrew “Dewey” Mann, Ph.D., Director of Waterman at

Target Audiences for these particular sessions: Lab instructors, research groups, and others who use space around Waterman, specifically the Wittemeyer Conference Room.

Microsoft Security Vulnerability

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has made us aware of critical security vulnerabilities identified by Microsoft. Our IT teams are working with OCIO to update affected university owned computers and devices. These efforts will happen automatically; no intervention is required on your part.

In the fast-moving world of information technology, hackers make careers out of exploiting vulnerabilities in software and hardware. Keeping devices such as your phone, laptop, and desktop computer up to date serve as best practices to combat against malicious software that can infect your machine and bring about loss of data, identity theft, or financial hardship. We encourage you to take this opportunity to make sure that your home and personally owned devices are up to date as well.

Details on this specific vulnerability for Windows 10 devices and some versions of Windows Server can be found here. To update personally owned systems running Windows 10:
1) Press the Windows Key on your keyboard
2) Type “Check for Updates” without quotes and hit enter
3) Click the box “Check for Updates” to download and install the latest operating system, and follow the on-screen instructions

Any questions about this vulnerability, please email Additionally, now is also a good time to remember to forward any suspicious / malicious messages to If you have specific security questions, please email


We’re celebrating 150 years of The Ohio State University, formerly the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College, and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES). We invite CFAES Buckeyes Worldwide to participate in our sesquicentennial by sharing a photo of you with our sesquicentennial pennant during your daily activities or global travels. To do this, take a picture with your pennant and submit it here: Include your name, your connection to CFAES or your CFAES major(s), your graduation year (if you’ve already graduated), and a short story about your time at CFAES and/or where you are now. Find us on social media and join in on the fun @CFAES_OSU, #CFAES150. Help us reach a goal of 150 pictures around the world during 2020!

OSU Policy updates – information for CFAES Employees

With the arrival of Workday on July 1, 2020, Ohio State is updating dozens of its HR and Finance policies. Most of these changes will take effect in July 2020, but two policies were revised with an effective date of November 2019: the Expenditure Policy and Reward and Recognition Policy . I would encourage all employees to read them, and I am summarizing below some of the more significant provisions. Please keep in mind that the policies apply equally to all employees (faculty, staff, etc.), all forms of payment (PCards, purchase orders, checking account, etc.), and all types of funds (general, gift, earnings, grant, etc.).

Meals (Expenditure Policy p.5) The new policy has more strict and clear guidelines on which meals may be provided. Please read this section carefully before ordering any payment for food or drink. “Provision of food and beverages for gatherings of university employees on a daily, weekly, monthly, or similar recurring basis, or payment for meals associated with one-on-one meetings of university employees, is prohibited.” Business meals with non-university employees must have a business purpose and meet other requirements, and require additional documentation.

Alcohol (EP p. 4) All alcohol purchases must be charged to a gift fund or conference earning fund. Per person alcohol limit is now $25.00 (was previously $20.00/person).

Spouses, partners, children, and guests (EP, p. 3) Meal and entertainment expenses for these individuals should not be charged to university funds. Some minor exceptions allowed.

Acknowledgement/support of employees (EP p. 5) Limitations on expenditures for employees for events such as births, death, or illness. Generally limited to non-cash gifts up to $100.

Reward and Recognition This policy applies to both formally approved reward programs and ad hoc awards in response to specific accomplishments. Awards with monetary value are limited to one time per year. Cash or non-cash awards of $100 or more require approval from the Dean.

Additional scrutiny Besides those listed above, the University has identified expense types that warrant additional scrutiny, including recruitment-related expenses, professional memberships, telecommunication and “gift” expenditures. Be sure to understand the policy and consult your fiscal officer or the service center if needed.

Other important points:

• The definition of “business purpose” has been expanded to emphasize that it must include detailed justification, and, who, what, when and why. Lack of a clear business purpose is a major cause of payments being held up in processing.

• If a unit/department requests to have a more restrictive policy the business purpose and justification must be pre-approved by Business & Finance using the “policy waiver” process. Please consult Eric Bode for any such request.

• All cash awards, including gift cards, are taxable. Non-cash items are taxable if they cumulatively exceed $100 in a calendar year. New reporting requirements apply.

Contact Eric Bode ( with questions.

Be Giving This Holiday Season!

To celebrate our CFAES sesquicentennial and this season of giving, we need your help to collect nonperishable food and toiletry items for our on-campus food pantry. We’re challenging CFAES units to collect these items and contribute to the cause.

Columbus: Boxes will be delivered to units and put in building entryways on Friday, November 8th. Items will be collected on Friday, November 22nd.

Wooster: To participate, all that we ask is for you to drop off your donations at SSS (located in Skou Hall on the ATI Campus) on the following dates and times:

  • November 13-20 11:30AM-12:30PM
  • November 14 11:30AM-5:00PM
  • November 21 12:30PM-5:00PM and during Clubsgiving
  • November 22 11:30AM-12:30PM and 2:00-4:00PM

Extension: We encourage our Extension offices to also participate by organizing a food drive to your local pantry. Submit a picture of your contributions and office members to share with us how you participated. Some photos will be shared through social media.

Please provide items that do not expire within the next six months. If you have any questions about the food drive please direct them to Sarah Williams(.4263).

Pantry Use: If you or someone you know is interested in utilizing the items of the pantry, they can stop by Ag Admin room 250 or Kottman Hall 210 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and ask for access to the pantry.  If you have any questions about the food pantry please direct them to Emma Lynne Johnson(.7009).

Hosted by the CFAES Sesquicentennial Student Planning and Engagement Committee and the students and staff of the CFAES pantry.

Positioning Ohio as a Leader in Organics

There has never been a better time to engage in organic research. As consumer demand and organic acreage grows, producers need answers and innovation regarding production systems, pest management, nutrition, marketing, economics, genetics, and more. Recognizing these needs, the 2019 Farm Bill substantially increased funding for organic research.

Faculty, students, county educators, and staff members interested in organic research are encouraged to join us on Thursday, November 21, 8:30-noon, to learn more about research needs and resources available for addressing them. We will meet at the Wooster campus and encourage you to join us in person, but zoom attendance is also available. The program will include Invited speakers from the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, USDA-NIFA, and other regional organic research partners.

Learn more at or register here.

CFAES Biometric Screening Day

The 2019 PHA and verified biometric screening deadline is December 31, 2019.  To help meet this deadline, CFAES HR is hosting a Biometric Screening Day Friday, November 22nd in the auditorium of the Agricultural Administration Building.  Completion prior to the deadline will ensure enrolled individuals earn the monthly premium credit – which is increasing $5 per month beginning 2020!  Spaces are limited, see details to sign up below:

A verified biometric screening can be completed in one of three ways:

1. On-Campus Screening Event
On November 22nd,  the OSU Health Plan’s RN Health Promotion Specialist(s) will be in our department to complete complimentary biometric screenings*. These values will automatically load to your YP4H/Virgin Pulse account on the “Stats” page and you will receive credit for completing a 2019 verified biometric screening. See below for screening registration details.

2. OSU or Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) Provider Visit
Your values obtained during an annual exam with an OSU or Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) provider are received by the OSU Health Plan (OSUHP).  Once all values are received (height, weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL and a blood sugar value: glucose or A1c), OSUHP will provide verification to Virgin Pulse that you have completed a biometric screening. 

3. Non OSU or non COPC provider
If you see a provider outside of the OSU or COPC network, you may need to have your values submitted by your provider.  Please have your provider complete and submit aProvider Fax Form to the OSU Health Plan to verify that you have completed a biometric screening with him or her.

Screening Registration Details:
If you would like to register for the upcoming biometric health screening event in our department, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and click the “Schedule a Screening” button in the middle of the page.
  2. Log in with your Ohio State name.# and password.
  3. Highlight “Biometric Health Screening” and find the “appointment code” box.
  4. In the “Appointment Code” box type in AAB19   Do NOT copy and paste as this doesn’t always work to activate the code.
  5. Click “Find Appointments or Classes”- This will show only the appointments available for this screening event.
  6. Continue to schedule the appointment.  If you experience any difficulty, please contact Customer Service at 292-4700 with your Appointment Code.

Once you obtain your required health values, complete the Personal Health & Well-being Assessment (PHA).  The PHA is an online self-evaluation of your overall wellness and only takes about 15 minutes to complete.  After completing the PHA, Virgin Pulse will offer specific programs to you and customize your YP4H experience based on your goals.  Visit and log in to Virgin Pulse to complete your PHA.

By annually completing the PHA and a verified biometric screening, enrolled employees can reduce the cost of their medical contributions by $25 per month or by $40 per month if they and their enrolled spouse both complete the PHA with verified biometrics. Click here for more information about rewards.

Please remember that participating in Your Plan for Health (YP4H) is completely voluntary. We understand that your health history is very personal — protecting your information and keeping it private is of utmost importance to us. While participating in YP4H, the personal information that you provide, whether online or in person, is only available to you and those whom you authorize to access it. Beyond the team at the OSU Health Plan, your nurse, health coach, or your own PCP, no other Ohio State personnel will see or have access to your results.

When your Verified Biometric Screening has been processed, it will be reflected as complete in your “REWARDS” tab with a green checkmark and date.  You need a complete PHA and verified biometric screening to earn Premium Credit.

When you see both green checkmarks you have earned your Premium Credit. Log in to Virgin Pulse and select “REWARDS” to view your status.

*If you believe all of your values have been obtained by your provider and it is not being reflected in your Virgin Pulse account, please contact the Ohio State Health Plan for assistance

**As a reminder, you are only eligible for one on campus screening per calendar year.   If you are unsure of when your last screening took place, please log in to and click on the “Biometric Health Data” tab to view your history.

Kind Regards,

CFAES Human Resources


Retirement of TechSmith Relay – Instructions on Using Mediasite and Carmen Zoom

We understand lecture capture is an important service so we want to share with you about the retirement of TechSmith Relay and the transition to ODEE-supported Mediasite and CarmenZoom.

Retirement of TechSmith Relay

  • TechSmith Relay will be retired after the end of the semester on Friday December 13, 2019.
  • The videos created with TechSmith Relay will continue to be available on the web at for one year until Friday December 11, 2020.
  • Moving TechSmith Relay content – Contact the IT Service Desk if you have sets of videos that need to be kept longer than 1 year and we will develop a plan to migrate them to Mediasite.
  • Lecture capture and sharing can now be accomplished with Mediasite and CarmenZoom.

Instruction on Using Mediasite & CarmenZoom

Please contact Matt DeVore (.38) or Mike Chakerian (.1) with questions or concerns.