Invitation to Participate in a Study to Assess Textural Food Sensitivity/Aversions in Children

Dr. Christopher T. Simons, a faculty member in the Department of Food Science and Technology would like to invite your child to participate in his research study to understand underlying textural attributes of foods that might cause food aversions. Your child(ren) may participate if they are 10-15 years of age without braces and willing to evaluate pictures on a computer screen and answer a few simple questions to the researchers. Additionally, you must identify if your child is a picky or non-picky eater (in regard to food texture).

Let the email below know if your child wants to participate VIRTUALLY on Zoom in a one hour session where we will:

1) talk about their food preferences

2) take a fun IQ test

We may ask your child questions about his/her testing experience, the frequency with which they use the product (or similar products), and/or other demographic variables including age, gender, and ethnicity.

After the virtual session, they will be asked to come to the testing facilities on one occasion for 15-30 minutes once Ohio State gives us the go ahead in the coming months. They will receive $40 total, $20 for the online portion and $20 for the in-person portion. All money will be given at the in-person session.

If interested and for any other questions, please email Amy Andes at She will send you consent forms to fill out virtually and create a time slot for your child.