AED Program and Installations Update

The CFAES Safety team has installed nine new Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in multiple locations on the Columbus campus, including Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory, and Molly Caren Agricultural Center.  The Wooster campus has successfully maintained an AED program for several years and this model was used to implement the additional AEDs.

The locations where the new AEDs were recently installed include:

  • Agricultural Administration Building – 1st floor by the auditorium
  • 4-H Building – 1st floor west wall by restrooms
  • Plumb Hall – 1st floor east wall center of building
  • Howlett Hall – 1st floor north wall center of building
  • Parker Food Science – 1st floor west wall by food court
  • Animal Science Building – 1st floor west wall center of building
  • Waterman Laboratory Headquarters – East wall center of building
  • Molly Caren Agricultural Center (London, Ohio) Headquarters Building – South wall break-room area
  • Molly Caren Agricultural Center (London, Ohio) Gwynn Conservation Cabin – North wall

Locations on the Columbus campus that already had an AED included:

  • Ag Engineering Building – (2 units) 1st and 2nd floors
  • Kottman Hall – 2nd floor by elevators
  • Ohio Turfgrass Facility – Main hallway

Kent McGuire, CFAES health and safety coordinator, will manage ongoing maintenance and upkeep for all AED units on the Columbus campus. In addition, personnel from CFAES Safety will coordinate trainings on the operation of the units for faculty and staff as needed. If you or members of your team would like more information:

  • Click here to view a tutorial video of the new Cardiac Science G3 AED units
  • Click here for additional information

If you have any questions about the CFAES AED program in Columbus, please contact either Seth Walker ( or Kent McGuire (

CFAES Facilities Update

August was another exciting month in CFAES facilities. We have reached milestones and completions of several more priority projects. Please see the attached summary of CFAES milestones and updates.

  • Controlled Environment Food Production Research Complex (CEFPRC)
  • CFAES Wooster Campus Graduate House
  • Summary of Major Activities and Projects

Facility Updates September 2018