NIFA Listens Coming to a Location Near You

NIFA is accepting input from stakeholders regarding research, extension, and education priorities in food and agriculture. A series of four in-person listening sessions, beginning Oct. 11 and hosted in different regions across the country, and submission of written comments are two ways to share your thoughts and ideas. Stakeholder input received from both methods will be treated equally.

The 2018 NIFA listening opportunity allows stakeholders to provide feedback on the following questions:

  • When considering all of agriculture, what is the greatest challenge that should be addressed through NIFA’s research, education, and extension programs?
  • In your field, what is the most-needed breakthrough in science/technology that would advance your agricultural enterprise? Breakthroughs result in transformative changes in knowledge, technology, or behavior.
  • What is your top priority in food and agricultural research, extension, or education that NIFA should address?

NIFA wants to hear from you about priorities and opportunities in agricultural sciences. Remember to RSVP if you are planning to attend a listening session in person. Click here for more information about the listening sessions.

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