Continuum – Distribution Process Changes

Last month, we sent an email to contacts in each department/unit inquiring about the distribution of the college newsletter. We appreciate those that took the time to respond and help us understand how and to who the Continuum is being distributed. Following were our goals and some outcomes based upon what we learned:

(1) identify any external individuals/organizations that departments/units were sending printed issues to and including those in our large mail merge. This will eliminate an individual or group receiving multiple copies and also save time and resources in departments/units. If you have questions about someone you want to send a copy to, let us know so that we can determine if they are already on the mailing list.

(2) determine who is receiving printed copies; in many cases, departments/units were not receiving enough copies for all faculty, staff and graduate students. Change in process for the next issue: To ensure that everyone receives the Continuum an email will be sent with notification to all faculty and staff with access to an electronic version. We would ask that departments forward to graduate students, as they see appropriate.

(3) Change in process for next issue: A limited supply of printed copies will be sent to each department, county Extension office, campus administrative offices, and research station for display and distribution to guests or visitors.

Please let me know if you have any questions; if there is something we missed in our efforts to understand how the Continuum is being used/distributed, please let me know so that we may work with you!


Ryan J. Schmiesing, Ph.D.
Chief Administrative Officer &
Interim Director, Marketing and Communications

College of Food, Agricultural, & Environmental Sciences
140B Ag. Administration Building
2120 Fyffe Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210

614-688-4278 (O)
614-519-3780 (M)

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