Open and Late Calving Cows: The Conundrum

By:  Garth Ruff, Beef Cattle Field Specialist, OSU Extension

Figuring out why we have a late calving female is important when deciding to keep or cull.

Being that most of the spring calving cow herds in Ohio and beyond have calved, and breeding season is upon us, there is a cow conundrum that we need to discuss. In the 9 or months that I have been in this position, my favorite questions to answer have quickly become “how quickly can I rebreed a late calving cow?” or “I have a spring calving cow that calved late or never calved at all, can I roll her over to the fall?” Continue reading

June 10th Webinar focuses on In-season Nitrogen Application

By:  Mary Griffith, Amanda Douridas, Mike Estadt, Will Hamman

As many producers are getting ready to side-dress corn, the agronomic crops team will host a free webinar on June 10th focused on important considerations and practices to achieve the efficient application of nitrogen. The webinar will be the first session of a new series called CORN Live which will be offered throughout the growing season to address timely issues related to agronomic crop production and management as they emerge. Continue reading

Private Pesticide Recertification Deadline is July 1

Private pesticide and fertilizer applicators who expired either in March 2020 or 2021 have until July 1 to recertify and renew. A self-paced online recertification course is available at You can also access the course by clicking the purple box titled “Self-Paced Recertification Courses” at (see screenshot image below).

Screenshot of homepage

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In-Person Small Grains Field Day: June 22 at the Northwest Agricultural Research Station in Wood County

By:  Laura Lindsey, Eric Richer, CCA, Nick Eckel, Ed Lentz, CCA

Join OSU Extension for an in-person small grains field day on June 22 at the Northwest Agricultural Research Station in Wood County. Topics include high input wheat, winter malting barley management, specialty small grains (spring small grains, spelt, hard wheat, and more!), weed control, and double-crop opportunities. Continue reading

Corn Replant Decisions

By:  Alexander Lindsey

As the weather has turned warm this past week, many of our fields planted in April/early May should be emerged or be in the process of emerging. Cool temperatures paired with rain over the last few weeks may have resulted in seeds sitting in the ground longer than expected, or some fields experiencing imbibitional chilling or surface crusting as the soil dried. These conditions could result in stand reductions by preventing seeds from successfully germinating and emerging (Fig. 1). Concerns about stand have been raised with these earlier planted fields and this article discusses some considerations when making the replant decisions. Continue reading

One Question Could Save Someone’s Life

By:  Bridget Britton, Extension Field Specialist, Behavioral Health

The month of May helps us to be aware that warm weather is inching toward Ohio, it is also Mental Health Awareness month. May is a time to help us gain awareness and understanding of persons with mental or behavioral health problems or difficulties. Mental health professionals, such as counselors, are trained and educated to help those struggling with mental or behavioral health challenges. However, did you know that even if you are not a trained professional this may be helpful to those silently struggling? Read on to learn more about a training anyone in the community can take to gain knowledge on how to help those struggling in a potential mental health crisis. Continue reading

GDD Accumulation Rebounds in May

By:  Stephanie Karhoff

Growing degree day (GDD) accumulation for the month of May rebounded after a week of above normal temperatures. In Williams County, 278 GDD were accumulated from May 1 to May 25, compared to 189 GDD in 2020. The 30-year average is 266 GDD.  (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Comparison of Total GDD Accumulation from May 1 to May 25 in Williams County

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