“Ask the Expert” Area Seeks to Help Farmers Mitigate the Challenges of 2019 at this year’s Farm Science Review

By:  David Marrison, OSU Extension

Each year, faculty and staff of The Ohio State University address some of the top farm management challenges which Ohio farmers are facing during the “Ask the Expert” sessions held each day at the Farm Science Review at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center near London, Ohio.  The 20 minute “Ask the Expert” presentations at Farm Science Review are one segment of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) comprehensive extension education efforts during the three days of the Farm Science Review which will be held September 17-19 in London, Ohio. Continue reading

What’s in your Grain Dust?

Information provided by Dr. S Dee Jepsen, State Leader of the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety & Health Program

As many farmers know, grain dust contains more than meets the eye. Moreover, the dust you inhale may also contain microbes, insects, and additional plant fodder. All of which are affected by temperature and humidity fluctuations. It is important to better understand what is in your grain dust, since many biological contaminants have been linked to health conditions like asthma and chronic bronchitis. That is why the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety & Health Program wants to sample your grain dust during a loud out period. See below for study details:
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Frogeye Leaf Spot – Is It Worth Spraying in 2019?

By:  Anne Dorrance, Ohio State University

Frogeye leaf spot

Several reports over the last two weeks of heavy frogeye leaf spot pressure in some fields as well as low to moderate pressure in others.  This disease will continue to increase and infect new foliage as it develops on these late planted soybeans. Based on our previous research, only once (2018) in 14 years of studies did applications at the soybean growth stage R5 contribute to preserved yield.  At the R5, the leaf at the terminal is fully developed and the pods at any one of the top four nodes is fully expanded, but the seeds are just beginning to expand. Continue reading

Innovative Methods and Tips for Getting Cover Crops Planted in a Timely Manner

By:  Stephanie Karhoff

Steve Groff, Cover Crop Consultant

This blog post is a summary of Steve Groff’s National Cover Crop Summit session of the same title. Steve Groff will also be a speaker at the “Cows Under the Covers” Grazing & Cover Crop Workshop on August 21st at Person Farms, and the 2019 Hillsdale County Nutrient Management Field Day on August 22nd at Stoney Ridge Farms. See the events page here for more details.

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Western Bean Cutworm Monitoring Update for Williams County

This week’s trap report for Williams County included Western Bean Cutworm (WBC) adults captured from August 12-18. This is the eighth week of monitoring. There were 0 moths per trap the first two weeks; 2 moths per trap the third week; 14 moths per trap the fourth week; 64 moths per trap the fifth week; 20 moths per trap the sixth week; 3 moths per trap the seventh week; and 2 moths per trap this week.