ART 3000 – Digital Image Manipulation
   Fall & Spring
Introduction to the creation, manipulation, and critical interpretation of the graphic and photographic artwork. Includes input and output of digital work as it applies to artists.

 ART 3001 – Internet Art   Fall & Spring
Network Culture Integration of the image, video, animation, and audio for the creation of internet art. Issues of tactical media, identity construction, programming, and digital aesthetics emphasized. ART 3001 – Internet Art: Processing Art 3001 – Internet Art: Tactical Media
ART 3101 – 3D Modeling   Fall & Spring
Study of concepts, aesthetics, procedures, and critical practice of sculpting with 3D modeling software for generation of form, environment, and character. Includes output to rapid prototyping printers, laser cutters and or CNC milling.
catherineleeART 4101 – Moving Image Art   Fall & Spring
Creation, manipulation, and animation of digital imagery, including the integration of multiple media elements, such as video, drawings, and audio into artistic projects.

Approaches to new media, interactivity, digital control of objects, projections, and sound in installation events, performances, and exhibitions.

ART 4201 – New Media Robotics Spring

 ART 4401 – Computer Animation  Fall & Spring

Introduction to theory and practice of 3D modeling, animation, cinematography, and audio as it relates to experimental digital storytelling.


ART 4901 – Studio Practice    Fall & Spring
This course provides BFA students in the Department of Art with practical experience in the development of new and significant artwork for the end of semester exhibition, creating good documentation of the artwork, writing a project statement and experimenting with presentation methods

ART 4999 – Senior Project    Fall & Spring
Guides graduating Seniors in planning, development, and execution of a project for the BFA thesis show.

ART 3009 – Video Art 1   Fall & Spring
Introduction to the creation and analysis of video artwork; including techniques of video capture, post-production, manipulation and critique within the context of art.

ART 3201 – Holography I The basic technique of three-dimensional image making; construction of a diode laser and the use of this device to make holograms. Holography is a technique that allows the recording and playback of three-dimensional images that offer the viewer the advantages of perspective, parallax, form, and content.

ART 5101 –  Art Games (Aspects of Art & Tech) Spring
This course investigates the relationship between art and games. Participants will explore historical precedents for artworks that have employed various game formats. Participants are introduced to the histories, contexts, theories, aesthetics, and taxonomies of artworks that use the game format and use this as a departure to produce board games and unity games for VR.

ART 5001 –  Eco Art     Fall 2020
(Aspects of Art & Tech) Grad & Undergrad. This special topics studio course will explore climate change, species extinction, and the increasing awareness of human and technological impacts on the earth. We will make, or un-make, our art as we grapple with questions such as: can art help us image new futures for ecological and equitable living? What are the ethics of using materials to make eco art? What is the role of technological media?

ART 5001 –  Sound and Image: Aspects of Art & Technology
Graduate / Undergraduate. Studio art class exploring the relationship between sound and image in diverse fields of practice such as film, video art, music videos, live performances and video games.

Art 5890 – Graphic Novel – Web Comic Production
This is an interdisciplinary class focusing on graphic novels and storytelling. The class will investigate and produce comics, graphic novels, and visual narratives. Students will explore frame-by-frame story telling in addition to experimental forms inspired by graphic novels/web comics.

ART 5881 – Odysseus in the Oculus Rift
– Graduate and Undergraduate. Introduction to the creation and analysis of video artwork; including techniques of video capture, post-production, manipulation and critique within the context of art inspired by classics.

ART 4009 – Video Art II
Graduate and Undergraduate
Intermediate theory and practice of creating video artwork. Emphasis on personal expression and experimental approaches.
Most of these courses are offered every semester and most are open to non-majors. To check the offering times and availability of a course, go to the course schedule and type the course number and “Art” in the search box.