Alumni BFA

Jamie Chau, 2023 – Graphic Designer and Media Editor, Keepsake Solutions + the Print Refinery, Columbus, OH.

Gracie Denbow, 2023 – Freelance Animator/Illustrator, Columbus, OH.

Allison Hess, 2023 – Freelance Animator/Storyboard artist, Hudson, OH.

Danh Nguyen, 2023 – Freelance 3D artist, Westerville, OH.

Olivia Luo, 2022 – Graduate Student at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA.

Alice Jiang, 2022 – Production Assistant, Titmouse Studios, Boise, ID.

William Yuan, 2022 – Graduate student, Digital Animation and Interactive Media, Department of Design/ACCAD, Ohio State University.

Serena Yokum, 2021 – Senior Animator, Afroduck Studios, Columbus, OH.

Jordan Chase, 2021 – Graduate student, Sequential Art, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA.

Pen Anders, 2021 – Media Traffic Associate, Ohio Channel, Columbus, OH.

Angel Lam, 2021 – Graduate Student in Experimental Animation at CalArts, Los Angeles, CA.

Mayen McClain, 2021 – Virtual Reality Game Designer at Schell Games, Pittsburgh, PA.

Julia Chen, 2021 – MFA candidate in the Computer Arts Department at the School of Visual Arts, New York.

Wendy Liu, 2021 – Graphic Designer at Alchemy Brands, Columbus, OH.

Jet Ni, 2021 – Creative Developer at Xcelerate Media, Dublin, OH.

Rustin Petrae, 2021 – Graphic Designer/Author, National Youth Advocate Program, Columbus, OH.

Joshua Lee, 2021 – Social Media Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia, PA.

Bilal, Khan, 2021 – Quality Assurance Specialist, Birchwood Foods, Columbus, OH.

Owen Reza, 2020 – 3D Print Processor for stop motion animation, LAIKA Studios, Portland, OR.

Jakak Mapis, 2020 – Graphic Designer, Zana Studios, Columbus, OH.

Shawna Shroyer, 2020 – Graphics Integrator at Esports Engine, OH.

Emily Subr, 2020 – Graduate student on fellowship, Digital Animation and Interactive Media, Department of Design/ACCAD, Ohio State University.

Abby Walouke, 2020 – Motion Graphics Animator & Book Illustrator, Outsider Video and Motion Graphics, Columbus, OH.

Amber Thompson, 2020 – Motion Graphics and Video Production, Denver, CO.

Cameron (Brice) Jordan, 2019 – Freelance Graphic and Web Designer, Mcdermott, OH.

Max Sahni, 2019 – Illustrator/Graphic Designer, Williams Lea, Columbus, OH.

Sarah Adams, 2019 – Artist/Illustrator & Gallery Associate at Terra Gallery, Columbus, OH.

Diva Colter, 2019 – Freelance Digital Artist, Portland, OR.

Gretchen Englebrecht, 2019 – Motion Graphics & Video Editor, OSU Video Services, Columbus, OH

Michael Saari, 2019 – MFA candidate in Digital Arts, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Shea Ramsey, 2018 – Fabricator/Animator, Apartment D, Los Angeles, CA

Kelsey McShane, 2018 – AR/VR Developer & Artist at ASCTech, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Riley Patrick, 2018 – Application Development Analyst at Accenture, Columbus, OH

Laura Black, 2018 – Creative Developer at Xcelerate Media, Dublin, OH.

Tamara Sabbagh, 2018 – UX & UI Designer at CLC Group, Chagrin Falls, OH.

Elena Garcia, 2018 – Program Coordinator at Knox Labs, Columbus, OH.

Madeleine Rico, 2018 – Production Coordinator, DreamWorks Animation. MFA in Illustration at Maryland Institute College of the Arts (MICA),

Travis McDaniel, 2018 – Animator/3D Artist/Programmer. Also GS Associate, Microcenter, Hilliard, OH

Andrew Stauft, 2017 – Technical Support Specialist at the Wexner Medical Center, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. Also freelance Video/Artist/Coder/Graphic Designer.

Audrey Jewell, 2017 – Adjunct Instructor at Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH

Jordan K. Reynolds, 2017 – Artist & Photography Technician and Research Assistant at the Ohio State University Triplehorn Insect Collection, Columbus, OH

Aaron Theesfeld, 2017 – Rapid Prototyping Specialist, Chicago, IL

Danner K Seyffer-Sprague, 2017 – Freelance Digital artist, 3D modeling, Animation, Columbus, OH

Emma Levesque Schaefer, 2017 – Art Preparator, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH

Andrew Grigsby, 2017 – Motion Graphics Designer, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Jasmine Rajavadee, 2017 – Graduate Student with funding, at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

Ciara Bartholomew, 2017 – Webcomic artist and freelance illustrator, Dublin, OH

Christine Rucker, 2017 – Art teacher, Marvegos Fine Art School, San Francisco, CA

Catherine Lee, 2017 – Designer, Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY. (MFA 2019 Computer Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY)

Jay Young, 2017 – Motion Graphics Designer, Aquent Studios, Eastlake, OH

Jacob Markusic, 2017 – IT Application Developer, Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH

Brandon Messner, 2016 – Art Director, Fresh Tape Media, Denver, CO.

Yoni Mizrachi, 2016 – Artist, Freelance Digital Designer, Columbus, OH

Danielle Popp, 2016 – Freelance Artist, Westerville, OH

Eric Lo, 2016 – Digital/New Media Technical Artist, Columbus, OH.

Carter Hanson, 2016 – Graphic Designer at Super Vitamin D, Minneapolis, MN

Casey Hamilton, 2016 – Administrative Professional, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Columbus, OH

Trent Bailey, 2016 – Motion Graphics Designer, Vegas Golden Knights, New Orleans, LA

Cody Wittekind, 2016 – Digital Product Assistant at Zaner-Bloser, Columbus, OH

Sarah Hockman, 2016 – Motion Graphics Freelancer, San Francisco, CA

Ki Rodriguez, 2016 – Front End Web Developer, Abercrombie & Fitch, New Albany, OH

Tanner Burns, 2015 – Designer at Sparks, San Francisco, CA

Mia Wilson2015- TaLK Scholar at Teach and Learn in Korea Program.

Adrin Williams, 2015 – 3D/Motion Graphics Artist, Hughes Who Productions, Los Angeles, CA

Peng Fei Lin, 2015 – 3D Artist at _Media Machine, Columbus, OH

Megan Cattey, 2015 – Transaction Coordinator, CBRE, Washington, DC

Ryan Bubb, 2015 – Head Coach, Heartland Aquatics, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Garrett Williams, 2015 – Manager at Dreamscape Immersive, Columbus, OH

Lauren Zimmer, 2015 – Graphic Designer, Dallas Zoo and Aquarium, Dallas, TX.

Taylor Wilson, 2015 – Public Relations Manager at Genius Garage Student Racing Team, Columbus, OH

Christopher Summers, 2015 – Lab Manager & Developer at Emerging Technology Studio, OSU, Columbus, OH

Yuhui Qi, 2015 – Special Effects Animator at Qijiki at Shanghai, China

Rachel Hill, 2015 – Graphics Supervisor, Top of the World, Columbus, OH.

Gus Dieker, 2015 – Artist, Columbus, OH

Charles Cataline, 2015 – Graphic Artist, Mojo Sportsgear, Reynoldsburg, OH

Gregory Smith, 2015 – Motion Graphics Animator, North Water Partners, Columbus, OH

Corie Osterfeld, 2015 – Production Assistant, Mills James, Columbus,OH

Rachel Korsen, 2015 – President/CoFounder at Golden Bell Entertainment and Book Illustrator for Scholastic, Roslyn Heights, New York, NY

Erin Folk, 2015 – Graduate student in Information Design & Visualization, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Ty Carroll, 2014 – 3D Printing Specialist at Honda R&D, Marysville, OH

Derrik Pritchard, 2014 – freelance game artist and designer, Columbus, OH

Justin Deuel, 2014- Computer Aided Design Technician, Murrysmith, Portland, OR

Joachim Bean, 2014- Planner at Ohio Department of Transportation, Columbus, OH

Devyn Pechnick, 2014- Digital Designer at Alliance Data, Columbus, OH

Christian Merrill, 2014 – Motion Graphics Designer/Animator, Cleveland Cavaliers. Received MFA in 2019 from Bowling Green University, OH.

Collin Martin, 2014 –  Animator, MMG, Cincinnati, OH

Gigi Fournier, 2014 – Creative Marketing & UX Design Specialist, SHERRILLTree, Greensboro, NC

Lucas Paul Fenik, 2014 – Graphic Designer, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH

Tyler Warren, 2014- Software Developer, Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH

Miranda Dumm, 2014- Production Coordinator, Spacejunk Media, Columbus, OH

Adrian Barrientes, 2013- studio artist and musician, Los Angeles, CA

Ann-Marie Foerster, 2013 – Multimedia Specialist, Conrads College Gifts, Columbus, OH.

Allen Schneider, 2013 – Designer and business owner, Vice Design, Los Angeles, CA

Mandy Sibeveih, 2013 – Graphic Designer, Inland Arts and Graphics, Inc., Chicago, IL.

Xinge Huang, 2013- Theater Coordinator at American Film Market and Conferences, Santa Monica, CA

Brad Noble, 2013 – Independent artist.

Katelyn Messenger, 2013- Lead Designer & Sales Representative at Bo’s Imports, Columbus, OH

Alex Tarzan, 2013- Production Assistant at POPSUGAR, Los Angeles, CA

Levi Miller2013- Sr. Operations Analyst/Content Manager at Kforce Inc. and Freelance Artist/Designer, Columbus, OH

Ryan Sabine, 2013- Medicine Balls Production at Rogue Fitness and Freelance Video Artist/Graphic Designer, Columbus, OH

Rachel Ross, 2013 – Freelance Artist, Columbus, OH.

Andrew Romanko, 2013- Associate, Sears Holdings Corporation, Columbus, OH

Alicia Meredith, 2013- Student at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School, Pittsburgh, PA

Olivia Manger, 2013- Specialist at Apple, Columbus, OH

Kiersten Kollins, 2013- Senior Marketing Traffic Specialist at DSW, Columbus, OH

Jessica Jones, 2013- Graduate Research Assistant at The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Katie Hamill, 2013- Lead Artist & Partner, Multivarious Games, Columbus, OH

Charles Hairston, 2013- Assistant Producer, Ohio Channel, OGT, Columbus, OH.

Clayton Ford, 2013- Designer at Inc, Los Angeles, California

Jeneane Dunlap, 2013- Freelance Artist/Visual Assistant, Columbus, OH

Marcus Covelli, 2013- Iconographic Painter at Image and Likeness Studios, Fairport Harbor, OH and IT Intern at Lake Catholic High School, Mentor, OH

Jennifer Brannon, 2013- 3D Designer at Dream Baths by Kitchen Kraft, Worthington, OH

Elizabeth Alvarez, 2013- Research Aide at C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection, Columbus, OH

David Alton, 2013- Freelance Web Production/Designer, Columbus, OH

Kyra Roberson, 2012- Intern and Logistics Team Member at  Skreened/Barista at ARAMARK Refreshment Services, Columbus, OH

Mark Ellison, 2012- Founder and Lead Designer at Letgo Design/Graphic Designer and Software Developer at Infor, Columbus, OH

Brian Whitlinger, 2012- Account Executive at Kheops International Inc, Upstate NY

Ruth Burke, 2012 – Artist and Assistant Professor of Digital Art, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH. (MFA 2017 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI)

Xiaoshuo Mei, 2012- Drafting Engineer at Boss Display, Columbus, OH

Nicholas Dies, 2012 – Software Engineer, Infor, Columbus, OH

Umar Rashid, 2012- Freelance Designer and Developer and Art Director at McCann HumanCare, New York, NY

Dan Hsieh, 2012- Production Specialist, Outsider Video & Motion Graphics, Columbus, OH

Christopher Zajd, 2011- Motion Designer and 3D Generalist at Resource Ammirati, Columbus, OH

Jennifer Picknell, 2011- System Operator at Huntington National Bank, Columbus, OH

Eddie Sergi, 2011 – Art Director at GLOW Social & Digital Agency, New York, NY

Jeffery Aldridge, 2011- Shops and Museum Supervisor, University of California, Davis, CA.

Ryan Dombroski, 2011- UX/UI Design Lead at FactGem, Columbus, OH

Michael Cathey, 2011- Project Manager, Artists With Machines, Columbus, OH

Rich Karsmizki, 2011-  Freelancer at WOSU Public Media and Program Coordinator/Producer at Ohio Channel, Columbus, OH

Amber Karsminzki, 2011- Freelancer at WOSU Public Media and Program Coordinator/Producer at Ohio Channel, Columbus, OH

Skyler Schmitt, 2011 – Video Production Manager, Columbus Crew, Columbus, OH.

Kara Stover, 2011 – Creative Director of Games, City State Entertainment, Fairfax, VA.

Brittni Hall, 2011- Sr. Developer, IT Applications at Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH

Dennis Hoffman, 2011- Photojournalist at United States Air Force

Nick Jeu, 2011- Business Integration Consultant at ComResource, Columbus, OH

Zachary Schaffter, 2011- Senior UI Developer at ZEHNER, Los Angeles, CA

James Henthorn, 2011- Design Specialist at Glimcher Realty Trust, Columbus, OH

Tristan Seufert, 2011 – Graphic Designer, Ohio Dept. of Development, Columbus, OH

Neil Hoyng, 2011 – Principal Program Manager at Root Inc, Columbus, OH

Fautine Gau, 2011 Designer of interactive advertising, Guppy Media/games, Seattle, WA

Jim Pickett, 2011 – User Experience Engineer, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH/Creative & Technical Director, Ohio Game Developer Association, Columbus, OH

Emily Martiny, 2010 – Director of Art and Animation, Tiny Falcon, Berkeley, CA

Seung Yoon, 2010 – Technical Director, Gorilla Pictures, Los Angeles, CA

Mario Seranno, 2010 – Computer Graphics artist, dpi Digital Content, Cleveland, OH

Brent Underwood, 2010 – Project Coordinator, Taylor Digital Corporation, Dayton, OH

Marina Goldshteyn, 2010 – User Experience Designer, United States Memorial Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC

Sean Doone, 2010 – M.S. Candidate in Digital Media at DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Belinda Tran, 2010 – Athletic Department Animator at The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

John Cairns, 2010 –  Assistant Professor of Art, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH

David Francus, 2010 – New Technology Team Member at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Dreama Cleaver, 2010 – Independent Design Consultant, Columbus, OH.

Justin Jones, 2010 – Asset Manager/Photographer/Editor, SingleSource Property Solutions, Washington, PA

Chitpol Jarupan, 2010Independent studio artist

Colin McDonald, 2009 – Filmmaker and graduate student at University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Kara Hemsworth, 2009 – Freelance animation/illustration artist, Columbus, OH

Colin Lapasky, 2009 -Independent studio artist and IT Specialist at Limited Brands, Columbus, OH

Jesse Douglass, 2009 – 3D Character Artist, Electronic Arts, Irvine, CA

Hoyup Choi, 2009 -Independent studio artist

Pelham Johnston, 2009 – Independent studio artist/filmmaker, Columbus, OH

Matt Farschman, 2009 – Office Assistant at Ohio Department of Commerce, Columbus, OH

Stacie Sells, 2009 – Writer and video editor,  Columbus, OH

Bol Aweng, 2009 – Independent studio artist

Sam Gitiban, 2009 – Performing artist/musician in band Novallo, Columbus, OH.

Dana Harper, 2009 – Award-winning studio artist, Columbus, OH

Nicholas Holmer, 2009 – Senior Designer at Dynamit, Columbus, OH

Jonathan Ishida,  2009 – Graduate student, Department of Design/ACCAD, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Christina Morrell, 2009 – Independent studio artist

Samy Ayoub, 2009 – Independent studio artist

Nichole Lemon, 2009 – Graduate student, Design, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Brittany Ransom, 2008 – Associate Professor of Art, California State University, Long Beach, CA.

Alex Heberling, 2008- Independent cartoonist, artist, Columbus, OH

Jeremy Baker, 2008 -Assistant Professor, Lead Faculty for 3D Animation at CCAD, Columbus, OH

Norman Perez, 2008 – Graduate student in Graphic Arts, Atlantic College, Guaynabo, P.R.

Zac Humm, 2008 – Independent studio artist, Parker, CO

Jennifer Cooke, 2008 – Multimedia Designer, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

David Stanton, 2008 – Multimedia artist, Lockheed Martin, Cincinnati, OH

Nick Lyon, 2008 – Senior Software Engineer, WillowTree, Dublin, OH

Brady Petit, 2008 – Freelance Animator/Videographer, 86 Studios, San Francisco, CA

Monica Anderson, 2008 – Game Tester at Aerotek and Graphic Design Instructor, The Learning Lamp Johnstown, PA

Geoff Schmidt, 2008 – Graduate Student, Art Education, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Dean Myers2008 – Web Developer, Empire Building Co. Cincinnati, OH

Tiffany R Lee, 2008 – Senior Digital Designer, DemandPDX, Portland, OR

Ryan Podesta, 2008 – Graduate Student at Pratt Institute, New York, NY

Derek Superville, 2008 – Graduate Student at Savannah College of Art and Design, GA

Aaron Benson, 2008 – Director of Human Rights, Torres AES, Washington DC.

Emilee Rutledge, 2008 – Creative Assistant at PromoWest Productions, Columbus, OH

John Sabbath, 2008 – Motion Graphics Designer, Motion Designer at Storyfarm, Baltimore, MD. Previously: MFA Animation the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Noah Hart, 2008 – Webcomic Artist at Heavenward, Indianapolis, IN.

Steve Conroy, 2007 – Animation and 3D modeling lecturer at the Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Design (ACCAD), Columbus, OH.

Ashley Brook, 2007 – Production Manager, Crews Control Inc., Washington, DC

Aaron Lenard, 2007 – Technical Animator, Animax Designs, Nashville, TN.

Jonathon Welch, 2007 – Graduate Student, Department of Design/ACCAD, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

James David Mericle, 2007 -Exhibition Designer/Preparator at Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH

Jennifer Griffith, 2007 – Interactive Designer, GMMB, Washington, DC

Bill Shackelford, 2007 – Web Developer at Victoria’s Secret, Columbus, OH

Bryce Koechlin, 2007 – Multimedia company owner, AddVision, Columbus, OH

Ryan Hale, 2007 – Graduate Student, Design Department, OSU

Elise Kahl Wahl, 2007 – Interpretive Media Designer and owner of Timberdoodle Studios, Forest Grove, OR

Justin Gassman, 2007 – Designer, Live! Technologies, Columbus, OH

Wesley Johnson, 2006 – Senior User Experience Designer at iRobot, Boston, MA

Jessie Eck, 2006 – Graphic Production Artist, Gannett Graphics Group, Denver, CO

Ross Baldwin,  2006 – Engineering Machine Shop manager, OSU, Columbus, OH

Joel Kidd, 2006 – Web Designer, Univenture, Marysville, OH

Philip Bourland, 2006 – Graduate student, Pratt Institute, New York, NY

Brian Oskins, 2005 – Digital Sculptor & Consultant, Creepy Company, LLC

Carl Bailey, 2005 – Independent Media Production Specialist, Austin, TX

Evan Oliver, 2005 – Graphic Designer, WonderGroup, Cincinnati, OH

Melissa Fontanini, 2005 – 3D Artist/Augmented Reality, Total Immersion, Los Angeles, CA

Brian Huneke, 2005 – UX Engineer, Google. Earned MA from University of Denver, Media Studies

Daniel Thompson, 2005 – Manifest Digital, Inc. Chicago, IL

Adam Brooks, 2004 – Graphic Designer, Nash Fitch, Cincinnati, OH

Jason Poteat, 2004 – Digital Media Specialist at the Ohio Supercomputer Center

Fumi Ariga, 2004 – Web designer at Nationwide Financial, Columbus, OH

Bethany Petryszak 2004 – Lead Interactive Developer, Nationwide, Columbus, OH

Jeff Wyner, 2004 – Freelance Motion Graphics Designer, Atlanta, GA. Earned MFA in Visual Effects at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, Georgia

Zachary Kelley, 2004 – Freelance Designer, Los Angeles, CA

Matthew Bain, 2004 – Lead 3D Visualization Artist and Founder of Live Music Visuals, Washington DC

Eliana Sur, 2004  Production Supervisor, Wired Magazine

Jason McGovern 2003 – Game Producer, Jakks Pacific, Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Miller 2003 – Art Director, Bartha Visual, Columbus, OH. MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Sasha Fradin,  2003 – Designer, CAD International, Miami, FL

Chris Althof 2003 – Senior Designer in Learning Experience Design at McGraw Hill, Dublin, OH.

Jayme Perry 2002 – Graphic Designer, Creative Light Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Micheal Weisert 2002 – Web Developer, User Interface Designer, Whitlock Group. Received MFA from San Jose State University, CA

Carrie Bodle2002 – Guest Lecturer at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Earned Masters of Science, MIT Visual Arts Program.

Gene Felice 2002 – Assistant Professor of New Media, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC.

Zerek Kempf2002 -Studio Artist, Brooklyn, NY. Received MFA from the University of San Diego, Dept of Visual Arts

Jesse Hemminger 2001 – Front-End Web Developer, Resource/Ammirati, Columbus, OH

Matt Derksen, 2001 – Creature Supervising Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic, Los Angeles, CA

Jeremy Patterson, 2001 – UX Designer/Developer, interactive and game design and development, patented inventor and Technology Expert

Kate Jones, 2001 – Educator at COSI, Columbus, OH

Phillip L. Kaplan2001 – Producer at The Toledo Blade, Toledo, OH.

Jed Haldeman, 2001 – Web designer and business owner, hb2Web, Columbus, OH

Carrie Wilson,  2000 – Interactive Media producer, Clear Channel Online Music and Radio

Jenny Macy,  2000 – Animator, DNA Productions, Dallas, TX.

George Faerber, 2000 – Founder of Radial Studios, Worthington, OH

Brian Bradesca, 2000 Cofounder of Tracermedia Interactive, Columbus, OH

John Geiger,  Owner/Designer of Tracermedia Interactive, Columbus, OH


This is an incomplete list. Please help out by sending me your information – website current position and place – if you graduated with a BFA in Art and Technology and you don’t see yourself here.