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Undergraduate emphasis inĀ Art & Technology

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art, emphasis in Art & Technology, is a creative degree that offers students hands-on experience with state-of-the-art digital media technologies and formats. This area in the Department of Art is focused on conceptualization as the driving force for creative experimentation with digital media and advanced technologies.

New media technologies are powerful tools of expression and we seek to expose our undergraduates to a wide array of creative and conceptual approaches to understanding a critical use of technology that acknowledges history and theory while also defining what is next at the intersection of technology, art and the sciences. All our courses take a project based learning approach where students conceptualize new ideas, 3D model them and build them.

The Ohio State University is ranked #1 in animation in Ohio, and ranked #3 among Public Animation Schools in the US in 2023.

Courses in digital imaging, web art, 3D modeling, computer animation, new media, interactive installation, electronics/robotics/animatronics, video art, art games, internet art, and moving image art are designed to provide students with digital literacy skills and to foster each student’s developing artistic voice. Courses in professional practices and artistic production culminate in a final exhibition produced by each student to showcase their creative work.

Apocalypseology, a collaborative rotoscope project from Jacklyn Brickman’s Spring 2022 Moving Image Art Class. Ranging from hopeful to dystopic, each animator shares a tip for facing an apocalyptic future.

Students begin their studies with a set of foundation courses focused on the fundamental skills in art such as concept development, visual literacy, drawing from observation, composition in two and three dimensions, as well as time-based media and explorations of sound.

Simultaneously, students are engaged in the university general education courses, which help to build writing skills, quantitative and logical skills, and an understanding of the natural and social sciences.

Once students have developed a strong portfolio of foundation and core artwork they are ready to apply to apply to the BFA Portfolio review, which consists of the student’s selection of their best artwork. Art & Technology is a competitive area that requires students to have developed a portfolio of strong, conceptually-driven artwork. Portfolio Review information and Guidelines here.

Students graduating with a BFA emphasis in Art & Technology are prepared to become practicing artists or to enter into a wide variety of creative, education and business-related fields. Past BFA students are employed in multimedia companies, have started their own companies, are employed as teachers in private schools and museums, as creative directors, animators, video producers, film makers, robotic and interactive artists, fine artists, game developers and content creators.

The BFA degree is recommended for students interested in going on to graduate school for a media arts related degree that require a portfolio of creative work. Our students have been accepted into highly competitive, national and international programs at institutions such as, CalArts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Bauhaus, Germany, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California, San Diego (UCSD), School of the Visual Arts in New York (SVA) and New York University (NYU).

There is also an undergraduate Minor in Studio Art, which provides students an opportunity to integrate creative and artistic practice with other academic or research pursuits. Additionally, a newly-created interdisciplinary Video Arts Minor is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and is open to any student wishing to expand their practice with video courses across two or more departments. This is open to Art and Tech majors, too!

The flexible BFA degree program in Art & Technology allows students to take courses in animation, game art, and story boarding at the Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design (ACCAD).

Film Studies offers related courses, such as the History of Animation and World Cinema today. Comparative Studies offers courses such as Film and Literature as Narrative Art and courses in Science Studies.

English offers courses in Digital Media Studies with courses such as Special Topics in Reading Popular Culture and Screenwriting.


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Moving image work, animations, videos and installations by undergraduate students in Art & Technology courses

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