The Art and Technology area has dedicated labs and state-of-the-art facilities for the production of 3D models, 3D animations, interactive and robotic art, game art, Internet art, wide-format prints, moving image art, bio art, virtual reality works and collaborative spaces for the development of new forms.

Type A 3-D printers in the A & D Design Studio and Epilog Laser as well as Lulzbot, Ultimaker 2 etc.

Lab Space

  • New Media Robotics Lab (156 Hopkins Hall): a full suite of software and hardware options with 20 PC workstations supporting Arduino microcontroller programming, MAX MSP, and  Jitter software, Processing, Maya, C4D 3D modeling, Full Adobe suite; Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere etc.
  • New Media Bio Art and Gaming Lab (160 Hopkins Hall): Kinect workstations – one devoted to sound mixing and experimentation and the other more focused on connectivity. The electronics portion of the lab features electronic test equipment such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, soldering workstations, breadboards, frequency generators, drill press, aluminum band saw, and fridge for bio-based experimentation. It also features projectors connected to the workstations for Kinect and game-based experimentation as well as Oculus VR systems.
  • The Fergus-Gilmore Computer Studio (Hopkins 180A) features 22 PC workstations, Wacom tablets, scanners and 3 large format archival printers with Maya, C4D 3D modeling software, MAX MSP, and  Jitter software, Processing, Full Adobe suite; Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and Unity for making Art Games,  etc.
  • The Emerging Technology Studio through the College of Arts & Sciences Technology Services, is a space where students and faculty alike can get hands on with the latest technology, without having to take on the high costs associated with the technology itself.  This includes virtual and augmented reality technology.  The Emerging Technology Studio (ETS) is located in Hopkins Hall, room 346.
  • The university also provides Adobe Creative Suite access for all students and faculty on their personal devices.
  • The Art & Tech Collaboratory (167 Hopkins Hall) is used by senior undergraduates to experiment and create installations.

Shared Resources

The digital print lab in Hopkins Hall 380A offers three archival ink printers: the Epson 9600 (44-inch) with a resolution of 2880dpi x 1440dpi, the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 (24-inch), both with archival performance Ultra Chrome® HDR inks, and a wide format HP 3400 archival ink printer. We stock Epson Enhanced Matte rolls in the Epson 9600 for prints and glossy paper in the Epson 7900.

The Equipment check out room administered by the Photography Area on the 3rd floor of Hopkins Hall. There are video cameras, projectors, Wacom drawing tablets and other equipment for students and faculty to borrow.

The Green Screen Lighting Lab  (Hopkins 162) is jointly administered with the Photography area.  This space provides backdrops, lighting, green screen suits, and gloves and allows our students to videotape and experiment with chroma keying and compositing.

The Studios for Art & Design Research is a shared fabrication lab facility located on the 1st floor of Hopkins Hall.  Equipment includes a full woodshop with tools for check out, 2 laser cutters, 4 x 8 foot CNC router, and four Type A 3-D printers, a MakerBot Replicator 2X, Lulzbot, Ultimaker 2.

The first floor lobby and hallway feature track lighting and installed video monitors and are used each semester for Art & Technology exhibitions where our students display their artwork and research from the semester.