Student Organizations

Art and Tech Club is an active, student-run organization that invites undergraduate students from any discipline. The club is committed to building a stronger art community by engaging in the members’ academic and professional interests. This organization discusses careers within entertainment industries such as animation, film, video games, comics, graphic design, and digital art. The club is dedicated to organizing events and activities to provide professional development opportunities for its members, as well as offering chances for social networking and sharing resources. The meetings usually consist of presentations and demos given by members, or special talks that are given by invited guest speakers.

Art and Tech Club meets weekly, alternating between Wednesdays and Fridays at 7-8 pm in Hopkins Hall Room 250. The club’s main form of communication is Discord, which can be joined by clicking on the link down below. Students can also be put on the club’s mailing list by contacting the email provided.

There is also a Graduate Student Art Club, which is more broadly focused in art. Many of the graduate students in Art & Technology are involved this club.