Students can choose to minor in one of over 100 different areas while in the BSN program. Although students are encouraged to pursue a minor if it fits with their academic goals, no Nursing course or clinical may be moved because of a conflict with a minor course. A minor is not required for graduation. Minor registration forms and information on individual minor programs may be obtained online at: http://ascadvising.osu.edu/programs/minors/list

The following are the policy guidelines for minor areas of study:

1. Minor course hours are counted as elective hours toward graduation.
2. Some minors require individual approval by a departmental faculty member; others do not. Sheets describing the individual minor program carry this information. Minor program information for the Colleges of the Arts and Sciences can be found at http://ascadvising.osu.edu/programs/minors/list
3. Students must file their minor registration forms with the College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion. Forms must be submitted at least one semester prior to graduation, or earlier.
4. Once a minor program is on file in the college office, any changes must be discussed with an academic advisor in the College of Nursing.
5. No grade below a “C-” will be permitted in courses comprising the minor; the minimum overall CPHR of the minor shall be a 2.00.
6. Minor courses may not be taken pass/non-pass.