Senior Petition

Students with senior standing in the College of Nursing are eligible to enroll in graduate course work while completing undergraduate degree requirements through the senior petition option. Students interested in exploring this option should contact the Office of Student Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion.


To qualify for a senior petition, a student must have senior standing in the College of Nursing (have completed all junior-level nursing courses), have a 3.3 cumulative point-hour ratio (CPHR) and have completed all General Education courses (GE) requirements and free electives. The student must meet all the requirements for the graduate course, receive instructor permission, and approval by the Graduate School.

Credit earned by a senior petition does not count toward the undergraduate major. The grade earned in a graduate level course will be factored into the undergraduate GPA but not toward total hours earned for the undergraduate degree. Credits taken through senior petition cannot count toward the student’s credit hour requirement for graduation or toward the 12 credit hours required for full time status. Once a student is admitted to the graduate program at Ohio State, up to 9 hours of graduate course work taken through a senior petition may be used to complete requirements for the Master of Science degree. Fees for these courses are assessed at the undergraduate rate.

The senior petition can be found here.