Honors Administrative Procedures

Assignment of Faculty Mentors
During the first term after admission to the College of Nursing Honors Program students will be assigned to a faculty mentor. The Undergraduate Honors Subcommittee will consider the students research area of interest when assigning faculty mentors. The mentor will provide the student guidance throughout the process of completing the research project and thesis.

Withdrawing from the College of Nursing Honors program
Students may elect to withdraw from the College of Nursing Honors Program. Students must notify the Director of the Honors program and the assigned faculty mentor, and complete the exit interview form. The exit interview form can be located in the Office of Student Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion. The Director of the Honors program will share the student’s decision to withdraw from the Honors Program with the Office of Student Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion.

Selection of Honors Students for Special Functions/Events:
Special functions/events occur within the College, University and larger community for Honors students (e.g. Midwest Nursing Research Society Conference, Denman Undergraduate Research Forum). When these occur the following procedure will be used to select students to attend the events:

  • The Honors Subcommittee will convene to:
    • Review the criteria of the special event
    • Review information from interested students who wish to participate
    • Select the students to participate in the special event
  • Students chosen will be notified by the Honors Director
  • Selection of a student for a special event does not guarantee the College will be financially responsible for any fees associated with the event


Funds Available for Honors Projects:

Up to $500.00 is available to each Honors student from the Shriver Scholarship & Research Fund (#246587) to cover expenses related to the Honors Project (but not for conference travel or student compensation). The student must complete a budget that explains the proposed expenditures (pre-approved by the faculty mentor) and submit the budget to the Senior Fiscal Officer at the College of Nursing.
Faculty research incentive funds can be used to sponsor an Honors student who is chosen to disseminate project findings at a research conference (the college does not fund student compensation for Honors students).