Minor, Double Major, Dual Degree Form

This form must be completed and signed by the student in order to declare a minor, second major, or dual degree while in the College of Nursing.  Stipulations and procedures for declaring a minor, double major, or dual degree are included on the form.

Grade Forgiveness

Effective autumn semester 2015, under Ohio State’s recently approved Grade Forgiveness Rule, students can petition to repeat a course in which they have previously earned credit. If the petition is approved, the second grade will replace the first in the calculation of the GPA. A maximum of three courses can be repeated under this arrangement. The new rule no longer limits “Forgiveness” to course work taken during the first year of college-level work, and the repetition no longer need be completed during the second year. Courses you have already repeated will not be eligible for application of this rule. Students who have already repeated three (or more) courses under the Freshman Forgiveness Rule will have no remaining eligibility under the new rule.

Curriculum Petition Form

This form is utilized to request a course be considered to fulfill a General Education requirement on a student’s Degree Audit, that is not currently listed.  To request a course be considered, the student must provide the syllabus for the course they took, a short explanation as to why they feel the course fulfills the goals of a specific General Education requirement, a copy of the student’s advising report, and the completed Curriculum Petition Form.

This form can also be utilized by a student requesting to alter the sequence or timing of the required Nursing coursework or to take over 18 credit hours in a single semester.


Senior Petition

Senior petition allows a current senior student in good academic standing to request to take one of the allowed Graduate Level Nursing Courses.  The only Nursing courses eligible for Senior Petition are Nursing 7500 Health Policy and Advocacy and Nursing 7483 Quality Improvement and Informatics.  Students are required to receive instructor permission for Senior Petition.  Students interested in Senior Petition should discuss this with their advisor before obtaining instructor permission.

Please Note: 

  • Enrollment in the course must take place no later than the first Friday of the semester or session.  No Senior Petition enrollments will be accepted after the first Friday.
  • The grades a student earns through Senior Petition are factored into his or her cumulative undergraduate GPA. However, the hours are not counted towards the number of hours earned for an undergraduate degree per the rules of the Nursing program.  Additionally, the hours cannot be used towards the 12 credit hours needed to be full time.
  • The grades a student earns through Senior Petition are factored into his or her cumulative graduate GPA once admitted to a graduate program at the College of Nursing .  The hours are counted towards the number of hours earned for a graduate degree, per the rules of the Nursing program.  The student must be sure to request that the course be transferred to their graduate program once accepted.
  • Instructor permission does not guarantee entrance into the course, there must be space available and priority is given to current graduate students.

Course Enrollment Permission Form

Please note this form must be signed by all required instructors or department personnel.  This form should be used by students attempting to add a course that falls under the following conditions:

  • Added after the 1st Friday of the semester
  • Course requires instructor permission
  • Adding a course that is currently at capacity
  • Entering a course for which the student does not have the required prerequisites

Application to Graduate

To be completed by students in their final year of the BSN program.  Please submit this online form at least 6 months prior to your expected graduation date.

Commencement Ceremony Excused Form

Please complete this form if you are not planning on attending your Commencement ceremony.  This should be completed at least two weeks prior to the Commencement ceremony.

Petition for Reinstatement

This form is utilized when a student has been academically dismissed from the Nursing program and wishes to petition to re-enroll.

Petition for Reactivation

This form is utilized by a student who has been on a Leave of Absence from the University for more than one semester (excluding summer) and wishes to return to the Nursing Program.

FERPA Release

This form is utilized to allow the dissemination of a student’s academic information to an individual other than the student.  Without this signed form, University officials cannot share personal academic record information with anyone other than the student.

Fresh Start Application

This form is an application for Fresh Start at The Ohio State University.  If you have not been enrolled at the university for five or more years, you may petition to return under the provisions of the Fresh Start Rule. While all courses you have taken will remain on your permanent record, only courses in which you received a C- or higher will be counted for credit. Other course work will not be counted for credit, towards any requirement, or toward graduation. You will return to Ohio State with a recalculated cumulative GPA of 0.00. You must complete a minimum of two terms and 30 credit hours after using the Fresh Start Rule before you can be eligible to graduate. Keep in mind that if you are considering applying to graduate or professional schools, or even to other undergraduate programs at Ohio State, their admission processes may look at all of your grades and recalculate the original grade(s) into your total.