NCLEX Preparation Package

Students in the pre-licensure nursing program are required to purchase NCLEX Preparation Package. The NCLEX-RN is the licensure exam each student must pass to become licensed in the United States as an RN and the NCLEX Preparation Package assists students throughout the entire nursing program to prepare for NCLEX-RN. The NCLEX Preparation Package offers multiple remediation tools, including reading materials, case studies, videos, practice assessments, and skills-based resources.  The NCLEX Preparation Package provides an academic measuring tool to identify areas for early intervention. 

Prior to starting the nursing program, a payment will be paid directly to the company and they will provide technical support.

Each year, students are required to take an exam to measure NCLEX preparedness.  Students must achieve a benchmark score pre-determined by faculty on the final diagnostic test.  Students who do not achieve the benchmark score must demonstrate that they have completed remediation before repeating exit exam.  If the benchmark score is not achieved after the second exam, the student will meet with the College of Nursing Supervisor for Student Success for further recommendations.